5 Simple Ways To Be OUTSTANDING In a Crowded Marketplace

It could start with a gripping headlines or fancy images but once you’ve got them hooked, then what?

If you’ve wondered if it is something much deeper, much more powerful, and so impactful that it could very well change the way you do business forever… read on!

There are a many, many people who do what you do particularly if you are a business coach or life coach but there’s only one YOU and you are unique.

Ask Yourself:

Are you CONNECTING you’re your audience on a personal and emotional level?

Are you giving yourself permission to be you?

Are you giving yourself permission to express yourself and your personality?

Or are you somehow putting restrictions on yourself, forcing yourself to perform based on what you think people will want or like?

Are you bridling your passions?

Are you ‘being nice’ and keeping your opinions to yourself?


If you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, you’ve got to start letting your true self shine.

The truth is, you’ve been commoditized. Prospective clients think we’re all offering the same stuff.

If you don’t bring YOU out, your uniqueness…

And, if you focus on ONLY the “benefits” and “features” of what you do and how you help people then you are just blending in… not standing out.


In today’s day and age, YOU and your personality are not ‘added value’… you are the value itself. Your business is literally in a battle for attention every single day. If you can’t stand out, you lose. It all starts with giving yourself permission to BE yourself.

Mike & Robin Pisciotta share the 5 simple ways you can start standing out NOW:

#1 – Give yourself permission to be pissed off

Look around at your industry… are there things that just aren’t right? Are there things that burn your butt? Is there injustice? Is there slimy-ness? Are there lies and bad teaching that people are pushing, all while claiming they are experts? Whatever it is that pisses you off, let it out.

You can’t play it safe. Sure, playing it safe ensures nobody will get offended and nobody will dislike you… but IT ALSO ENSURES that people won’t see any conviction in you… and ensures that nobody will notice you or remember you.

#2 – Give yourself permission to be obsessed with something

Do you have a crazy hobby that you’re literally addicted to? Maybe a certain guilty pleasure of chocolate? Don’t hide it and try to pretend you’ve got it all together, haha. Talk about it, own it, admit it… find ways to blend your passions and obsessions into your biz in some way. People will be drawn to your unique ways, even if it’s in a weird way, haha, like rubbernecking at a train wreck, they can’t stop watching you or talking about you.

People like to know what you’re into. For example, I’ve written a blog about Mike’s airplane hobby with a personal development message that people have connected to and now relate to us closer. We named our signature training series Marketing Game-Changer and the whole thing has a football theme because we love football.

I post on Facebook all the time about my obsession with getting the ducks in the lake behind my house to be friendly and sit on my lap, haha. You may think, “What the heck does that have to do with business or marketing?” and my answer is… EVERYTHING.

It’s all about relating to people. Not about your business. If folks have thing to relate to you about versus the other million people who do exactly the same thing as you… who do you think they will turn to?

#3 – Give yourself permission to use whatever words and language you want

Oh this one is a fun one! It will ruffle a lot of feathers I’m sure. While Mike & I don’t cuss in our marketing… I would be so bold to say that If you are a cusser, cuss. If you say things like fab, poop, balls and wackjob… then say them. For goodness sake, don’t censor yourself trying to appease everyone, and hoping not to offend someone. The real truth is that no matter how careful you are someone will still get offended anyways, haha.

So don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you need to say cuss words, or shock people, or say negative sounding words. The point here is to be true to yourself. The point is that safe, bland and appeasing everyone is BORING and doesn’t pop. Nobody is really boring. So when you see boring messages out there, it’s pretty safe to assume they are hiding themselves in an attempt to play it safe. Be willing to draw a line in the sand and stimulate a “love it or hate it” response.

When you let yourself out in this way, a magical thing happens. You attract people just like you. You attract people you LOVE to hang with… people you don’t have to pretend around… the kind of people that working with them feels like play. Take control and start attracting the kind of people you WANT to work with, rather than trying to ‘be acceptable’ to everyone, and attracting no one.

#4 – Give yourself permission to express emotions… cry, laugh, whine, rant

Be real. If something breaks your heart, talk about it, say it. If something is hilarious, or you make yourself laugh, share it with us, we want to laugh too. And the rants… I’ve seen this one a lot that you shouldn’t rant on social media. While I don’t think you should do it all the time and be consumed with negativity… but you’ve still gotta be real… and the real deal is that WE ALL need to vent every once in a while.

Be careful though… I think that your ‘rants’ should be in line with highlighting your core values and your expertise… I wouldn’t just rant about anything… like how mad you are that your kid won’t eat his dinner… or that your husband didn’t put something back where it goes… that kind of thing just makes you look like an emotional wreck and can negatively impact your brand.

So yes, rant if you feel one coming on, but there should be some ‘boundaries’ with your rants, and some good old fashioned common sense.

And when you do these things, when you’re transparent as a human, with real feelings, good ones and bad ones, people relate to you. Sure, every time you’re vulnerable like this you will turn folks away, but the flip side is that the folks who can relate just got ON FIRE for you.

Who wants a lukewarm tribe anyways? I want people who are loving the crap out of us, so if that means every once in while we have to separate the wheat from the chaff, then so be it

#5 – Give yourself permission to have an opinion and set a standard

Are you opinionated about the ‘right’ way to do things? Do you buck the trends in your industry? Is there something that everyone is doing that you’re fully convinced is wrong or stupid? Do you see so much following of the crowd, and you just know it’s like the blind leading the blind? Don’t be afraid to call it out. Speak up and set a standard of whatever you believe with such conviction that you can preach it, teach it, and advise it with full confidence!

The businesses doing this are the ones who rise to the top, stand out and become the standard that everyone else tries to measure themselves by. These companies don’t chase or mirror trends, but they think, act, and behave unlike any other, and that’s oh so hot and attractive.

So there you have it. Those are 5 totally simple ways to start standing out RIGHT AWAY.

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#LikesUP for Being Outstanding

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