7 Ways to Create a Seductive Webinar Title

Seductive Webinar Title

Likes UP: 7 Ways to Create a Seductive Webinar Title

Webinars with seductive titles attract more people. The most useful information on a webinar will not be seen or heard if the title of your webinar is boring.

This is basic copywriting 101 starting with a powerful headline. Here are seven steps to take to make the titles of your webinars more catchy, powerful and seductive:

1. Start with the words “How to”. Starting with “How to” implies you will be training and teaching people exactly how to do whatever it is that you promise. And they’ll need several of examples, too. Example: “How to Create a Seductive Webinar Title”

2. Start with an action verb. Example: “Create a Seductive Title for Your Webinar: Secrets from the Masters.” An action word like “create” instantly engages the mind and the imagination of the prospective webinar registrant.

3. Follow the action verb with the intended outcome of your webinar. “Create Seductive Webinar Titles To Attract Bigger Audiences”. This title makes it clear to the prospective attendees, by answering the question “What’s in it for me?” If a bigger audience is important to them then they will register for the webinar.

4. Add in searchable key words. If you’re promoting your webinars online, your webinar title needs to be searchable. Do some keyword research and make it seductive for Google, Yahoo, Facebook and other search engines, too.

5. Start with an odd number. Numbers under ten have greater attraction than larger numbers and odd numbers work better than even numbers. Three, five and seven are popular starting numbers. An example:  “5 Ways To Create Amazing Webinar Titles To Attract The Right Audience And Get You Noticed”. This example actually includes an odd number, an active verb, searchable key works and the intended outcome. (Did the title of this blog post catch your attention?).  The desired outcome is part of the W*A*M*O* Approach of The Webinar Way

6. Use words like “Steps”. Steps, Ways, Method, System, and Blueprint are words that indicate you will be laying out exact steps to follow on your webinar.

7. Get to the point, fast. Create a title that catches people’s attention in a few short words and gets them to read your entire webinar description. The title needs to be clear and concise and appeal to the intended audience and their needs or interests. Test out different versions and then go with the best converting title.

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