Can one training program impact a coach’s life and business?

One of the top reasons business owners and C-suite level players want to a coach is because they want to balance their executive life.

There is change afoot and now is more and more acceptable to hire a coach to help you excel and exceed your current circumstance both in the business arena and to have a more fulfilled personal life. This is what The Coach Revolution is all about.

The impact of one coaching program filled with top-notch frameworks has been instrumental for growing my business. It has given Kelly Black a comprehensive toolbox to help clients address really pressing problems. Instead of being positioned as a one-off solution, she says she now viewed by clients as having a cohesive set of solutions to support clients across their business. And she is running in a much more elite circle of clients than ever before.

This program has moved Kelly into working with executive teams and C-suite teams instead of managers. She continues in her own words: “That has been quite profound for me both from an income standpoint and also for my own growth, because it has challenged me to think at higher levels. One of my bread and butter clients, a healthcare company, now retains me at the senior level. I work with seven SVPs at the senior leadership team and the COO. I attribute the program to making that a longer engagement. What was a one-year contract has been re-upped continuously to a three year contract and given me over $150,000. As this client has restructured, it has positioned me not only as an executive coach but also as a trusted advisor to the COO in terms of the culture she wants to create. The toolbox has helped me move her and her executive team to a new place and that has helped me provide a new level of value in the eyes of the COO and the eyes of the CEO there, too. We have worked continuously on culture change for this organization as it completely shifts its business model to compete in the new realities of the healthcare market.

When a teacher is exceptional they should be thanked. The frameworks are great, but so is the way the teacher delivers and prompts the students. We can think better and more strategically, in order to work with senior leadership at top companies.

In the luxury fashion market, I am working with a major investor-backed fashion company. The program’s frameworks about influence, conflict resolution, and communicating powerfully have helped me guide the CEO and COO through an impasse that was a major threat to the company. The Board was involved and so were investors. Investors were starting to pull funding for the company. It was an intense engagement. The frameworks helped me take what would have been my more free-floating approach and it gave a structure to help leadership get unstuck, choose how to lead the company, and get away from their personal conflicts. I have multiple notes from the CEO, including one that says I should get the Nobel Peace Prize and that, five years from now, he will see my work with him as the turning point for the company. And that work is directly attributed to what I have learned in the training program.

The other major value of the frameworks for me, since I started the program, is that now I have a new caliber of clients. Specifically, I am now valued and as a major global business consultant, author for the Harvard Business Review, and coach for CEOs of significant organizations. I have notes from people like that telling me they are learning from me. The program has meat in a way that allows you to get in the room with serious businesspeople who are smart, and seasoned, and run in top circles. I am in the running now for a major project now that has me presenting to a well-known billionaire and his Board of Directors. I could not have done this without this program. There is a substance and a rigor to it.

So many people say they are coach right now, but many coaches are not talking about anything substantial. Many of the business people I know now would not be interested in these coaches; the business people would leave the room if they heard the way most coaches talk. This program gets me in the room with the right business people, because of the substance I offer.

The program just put my practice in a completely different orbit. It helps me close the gap. It is not about getting to the next level. It is so much bigger than that. It has really primed me to run in executive-level circles and have them say to me, “You have helped me think better” and “You have helped me accomplish things I didn’t think I could accomplish.” It has taken my business to what feels like a new stratosphere.”

This is what The Coach Revolution is all about.

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