Clarity Is Power

Clarity is power magnify

“Everyone hears only what he understands.”

– Goethe, scientist and and philosopher

Eliminate any confusion. Get clear before you share your message.

If you care about your audience, take the time to clarify your message and make it concise. You want to convey ideas that are effortless to recall. Keep a F.A.M.E. example in mind.

If your audience can’t repeat it, they didn’t get it. Don’t let that happen.

“Clarity Trumps Persuasion.”

-Flint McGlaughlin

To get clarity, you must consistently set aside time to think. To be with yourself. And to really dig deep down into the depths of your soul.

Kevin says, remind yourself why you really care about the things you care about. What you’re really doing. And what you’re doing it all for.

This is what will allow you to crystallize the true power and potency of your work.

Make it a point to come back to this practice over and over again.

It will allow you to distill the essence of what you do in clear, simple, and powerful ways.

The reason it’s so important to come back to this practice over and over again is because as we begin to express the essence of our work, it begins to evolve and take form.

It’s really easy and seductive to over-identify with the forms that it takes.

The structures.
The offerings.
The people.
The models.
The pricing.
The packaging.
The deliverables.

Just remember one thing:

If you’re confused on what to do next…

Base whatever you’re doing next on the true power and potency of your message.

That’s the only thing that truly sets you apart from everyone else.

Don’t get lost in the strategy or tactics.

Message comes first.

The strategy and the tactics come later.

Make sure you always place them in the right order.

After all, the strategy and tactics are just tools.

Your message is your true power. The hook, marketing idea, message must speak to your audience. Get clarity before your telegraph your transmission.

For webinars, clarity starts with the clear intention of your invitation on the registration page. Guide the thought process of your webinar guests to one conclusion: the point of action, which is to take you up on your offer. The journey is both aural and visual. You want people to remember, repeat and share your message.


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