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Exclusive Members-Only Mastermind Organization Open Now!


Would you like to join a private, Members-only, mastermind organization?

This Mastermind organization is for business owners and leaders. It’s an international, peer-to-peer, Networked Business Community, with one purpose:

To facilitate each Members gain of significant and sustainable competitive advantage in their marketplace.

This is a Members-only Group with a primary purpose of getting things done and delivering results. You get to participate at a membership level that suits you – contributing to the collective wisdom, learning from peers, refining your business activity and making more profits by moving your ideas off the dream-board through the Boardroom to the balance sheet.

But it is not for everyone. We have expectations. Those expectations include how we behave towards each other and how we treat confidentiality. Our membership standards are high, so that you can trust you’re always dealing with like-minded peers. And, it will be without sympanty, that we eject offenders.

Prospective Members must represent a real business with real products or services and real customers. This is not for someone getting started.  You must have a real business and be prepared to be vetted and checked out through the registration joining process.  We only want peers who can contribute as a positive influence and give as much as they take as they grow their teams and their businesses.

When we determine you’re a fit – You’re in.  We welcome you to join and try for free.

Click here to join free    http://like2.us/joinfree  Get on the Path to Business Certainty and join other Executives in the Boardroom!

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Our Mission is to serve entrepreneurs to develop transformational teams for your business growth so you can make a difference to your customers and your community.
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Do you want the fastest path to Certainty your Business that is available now?
It is probably the closest thing you will find to a
Guarantee that your Plans for your Business – will work.

If you have a business, this is definitely worth this checking out…

…Because we have thought of everything

Your Seat around the Boardroom Table is secured on the basis that you have identified yourself as a Business Owner or Executive of integrity and principles. All Strong Cultures thrive when the members agree to support a set of common behaviors, yet still retain freedom of expression.

Retaining your seat at the Boardroom Table is predicated on the following Agreements:

  1. You Agree to Join In, Speak Up and Speak Out – because you have wisdom, experience and opinion to offer, no matter how insignificant or irrelevant you think your opinion on a Post is – it could just be Gold to someone else. If you have nothing to say, then you have no business being here, and we’ll vacate your seat. We want quality not quantity and your Wisdom.
  2. You Agree to Disagree – Debate and disagreement is essential to refine the Plans of another member – prevent them from making expensive mistakes. It is your responsibility to tell it how you see it – no matter how uncomfortable that feedback might be – but tread gently on the dreams and aspirations of others when you do so. Explanations of WHY you disagree are essential, though abuse is not tolerated.
  3. You Agree to leave your Ego at the door. At some point you will understand your Team Dynamics profile, upon which this Mastermind is built, which means you understand you are one of many different personality styles. It is reasonable to expect clashes, misunderstandings, or heat in an exchange. We’re ALL Equally Big Dogs in here, because we’re the Boardroom. Posts made for self-interest, or self-promotion with no group value will be deleted, and Trolls will be ejected.

Membership: It’s About Relationships

Relationship Riches… the motto of Sherrie Rose, “The Real Currency is Relationship Riches.”

Did you know there are 43.7 million companies in the United States who employ less than 50 people?

Did you know that 50% of all companies in the USA fail within 5 years of starting up?

In fact 20% fail in their very first year – a staggering 250,000 dreams gone up in smoke before they even get going. The numbers are worse in the UK with 200,000 dying off in their first year from a much smaller base.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of well-meaning, ambitious entrepreneurs, lose everything – mostly by making the wrong decisions, and it’s quite possible that one of your worst fears is becoming one of those statistics.

Even in larger companies of 50-300 people and above, the wrong decisions made by Leaders and/or their teams have an even more destructive impact – with many more people and families at risk. Failure in this context goes beyond embarrassment since careers can and do, end prematurely.

This Mastermind prevents the worst that could go wrong from acting in isolation because having people you can call on and trust  – peers, will keep you in check. Regardless of your company size- your decisions are always huge. Even better – it galvanizes brilliant decisions, catapulting you to the results you need and want.

If you’re bootstrapped but ambitious, you can’t get much better value that Free, so we’ve taken care of the money side. The ambition side – well that’s down to you.

If you’re just skeptical, it’s is a perfectly natural and healthy state of mind because skepticism protects you from failure, and losing money you can’t afford to lose. So we’ve taken care of the money side so you can evaluate the Membership with a clear head.

This is a way to be a part of a bigger group of people sharing your values, focus, and ambition for a better business performance. People like you, who can show you what works for them and why. People like you, who can then show you the steps to implement it and get it done. What if there was a way to easily connect with people who can short-cut your path to real and measurable growth. If that were true, It would be worth joining, wouldn’t it? People like you, like you.

Our boardroom is THE meeting place for Masterminds, Networking, Learning and Development combining online training with real world live events. The invitation is simple. Join us.

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