Likes UP: 20 Million on G+ in 21 Days

20 Million on G+ (that’s alot of Gmail accounts) #LikesUP





Google+ Cumulative Worldwide & U.S. Unique Visitor Trend

It would be difficult to think of many sites that reached such a large number in such a short period of time. That said, Google does have a built-in visitor base of more than 1 billion to work with, so there is clearly potential to convert a high number of users to its new social tool – even if it is still invite-only.

What is also interesting about the rapid growth of Google+ is its proliferation on a global basis. While the U.S. leads in Google+ audience, it currently accounts for 27% of the total worldwide audience. Interestingly, India holds a strong #2 position with 2.8 million visitors. The UK (867,000 visitors), Canada (859,000 visitors) and Germany (706,000 visitors) round out the top five.

Google+ Top 10 Countries by Cumulative Unique Visitors


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