Likes UP: Call to “Get the Likes Up!”

Likes UP: Call to “Get the Likes Up!”




Does having a lot of LIKES on your Facebook page look cool?

Here’s what Steve Beans says in Nov 2010 on the Reality Junkies:

So about a month ago I put a call out to people to boost our FB likes up to 100+, but here we are on November 2nd and we’re still sitting at 97!  What’s up with that?  Don’t you guys love us? :)   I don’t really know the point of having a lot of facebook likes, but it looks cool and want you all to hit the like button on the top right of the page.  Here is what it looks like!

And if you want to help spread the word, go to our facebook page, and select ‘Suggest To Friends’ on the left menu and send the link to all your friends who you know like reality shows.  Shit, send to all your friends regardless!  We have more than 500 twitter followers, let’s get our facebook number past that!




The concept of +1 is about incrementing the number up and up and up.  Likes UP is not about Facebook Likes it is about giving your “vote” to that which you like, enjoy, recommend, appreciate, choose, desire, prefer, select, approve, rejoice, admire or otherwise fancy a big #LIKESUP!

To Click or Not to Click. That is the question… #LikesUP

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