Likes UP: Empower Network Review ~ Does It Work and Can You Make Money?

Likes UP: Empower Network Co Review ~ What Is It, Does It Work and Will It Work For You? ~ An Insider’s Review of The Empower Network Co

Empower Network Review

=> What is Empower Network?

Empower Network is a combination multi-level marketing, affiliate marketing, and blogging system that maximizes the power of blogging and social networking to seduce would-be entrepreneurs into a system that promises 100% commissions.

Empower Network company blogs  have an animated “Free Video” image, shown below.  Before you click on the “Free Video” image, read what happens next.


Empower Network starts with the simple catchy landing page with bright red and caution colors revealing an “Almost Secret” story of two men and a commission loophole.






Once you enter your email you are taken to a 24 minute video entitled, “Free Video: How a Once Homeless  ‘Van Man’ and a ‘Tech-Challenged’ X-Carpenter Went from Near Death and Defeat to Now Making Thousands of Dollars a Day With a Simple 3-Step System That Pays Instant, Daily… 100% Commissions!” After this video you decide to join the Empower Network by paying $25 and then you are taken through series of additional videos with a couple upsells.  There is a $100 upsell and a $500 upsell and the fear factor in not purchasing is that your “sponsor” (using a network marketing term) will get those extra commissions not you. 

To get started you must pay $25.  It does not clearly say you will pay $25 per month for your wordpress blog but you will pay $25 per month for as long as you participate.

You get your “own” wordpress blog which a header like the image below.  The concept of blogging is like the Likes UP blog, a place to write and share what it is that you are passionate about. 



The Simple 3-Step system in the Empower Network is to blog daily (on a blog that gets more search engine ranking because it is a multi-user word press installation) to tell others by marketing word of mouth, advertising, social media and other media and get money.  The get money part means your need a pay pay account and/or a merchant account.  When people purchase the payments go directly to your paypal or merchant account.  There is no central accounting because there is no product except for the $25 month fee paid to the Empower Network Co for monthly hosting.


As an insider in the Empower Network you receive video training, a checklist, and a place to blog.

Alexa, a company ranking website and online searches by popularity, ranked the search term “Empower Network” very high because all the blogs are under the master URL.



After you pay your initial $25 you download your core checklist which comprises of getting a merchant account (if you don’t have one) but you can use a paypal account.  You can also set up an autoresponder like so that you can have email communication with the people you have introduced to the systems because these are your customers.  If you don’t want to go through the videos, you can simply see what it is all about by entering your email address below:


When you log in you get a dashboard.  You can immediately start blogging.  There are certain elements that you can change but it is basically a “ready to go” blog under that master blog.

empower-network-blog-home There are eight main lessons in the Empower Network System: 

empower-network-7 empower-network-8

If you arrived at the Empower Network through Facebook you may find multiple fan pages.


The fan pages above are all started by individuals who are trying to capture leads.  Not a lot of unique ideas.

When you log in as with any network marketing or affiliate marketing system differentiating yourself from the pack is the biggest problem.  Even if you have a done for you blog, you are branding someone else’s name, company, and in this case you are creating content that makes their search engine optimization expand.  There are benefits because you can capture email addresses and talk to “your” team.   And, with your own merchant account or paypal account money does get deposited directly. Even if the founders just made $25 per month on a hosted blog (that is on their domain) these guys have created something quite unique. 

We’ll keep watching the Empower Network to see what happens!

Empower Network #LikesUP



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