Likes Up: Facebook Privacy The Biggest Change

Facebook Privacy


Via Mari Smith – Privacy – probably the biggest change is the entire privacy section. Take a look here: – there are two new sections:

i) How Tags Work with 5 different sections to edit; I recommend you pay close attention to this area – it’s where you get to set pre-approval for tags. You can globally turn on “Profile Review” (the first setting in this section), and that …means any content in which you’re tagged will require your approval before it gets posted on your wall. Note: the piece of content will still be posted on the other person’s wall sans your tag, pending your approval. Tags pending approval will show under your Wall tab on the left of your profile in a new section called “Pending Posts.” (Basically, the same place as “Hidden Posts” on our fan pages where posts flagged as spam go).

ii) Limit the Audience for Past Posts – you can retroactively change ALL past posts that you shared with more than friends e.g. Friends of Friends, Everyone (now Public), to be visible only to Friends. Then, going forward, you can control who sees what on a post-by-post basis as you make them (see #1 above). Plus, if you change your mind about a post later, you can go back to edit the privacy on the fly once a post has been made: just hover over the post for the control.
You can see the privacy setting at-a-glance for any post you shared simply by hovering over the post: a globe is Public, the people icon is Friends, and the gear icon is Custom.


The changes with privacy are especially important with PAST posts and comments.  You may turn your own past posts as friends only but your comments may be public if your friend as a public post.
Those photos you added or commented on a few years ago are affected by the privacy changes.  You may not have been aware two years ago that what you wrote or added would be part of the public digital display. 



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