Likes UP: Google Plus +1 for Brands and Business

Likes UP: Google Plus +1 for Brands and Business

The brand owner from ZEN BIKES is using a Google+ “page”

Google has finally unveiled brand page for Google+, allowing businesses and brands to join Google’s social network.  It is not a mainstream release.



  • You can add the Google+ business page to your circles (and create new circles for various businesses)
  • You can see how many likes up with the +1 incrementing up.
  • You can share the Google + page.
  • From any Google + page you can create a page – but they are not quite ready for prime time. 
    If you click now you will get this message:


Google + pages coming within a few days for business!




Thanks to Pete Cashmore for this one!


Google+ Pages Now Open For Businesses, Brands, Places & More by Danny Sullivan

Create a circle and add the businesses. Click image to view G+ link.


Of course, Google+ pages look best when viewed in Google Chrome browser.




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