Likes UP: Google Plus for Business @BlogWorld

Likes UP: Google Plus for Business @BlogWorld


Google Plus for Business – Guy Kawasaki & Chris Brogan =>How Does Google Plus Compare To Facebook? Despite it’s very strong start, Google Plus has its share of doubters and critics. Why will Google Plus succeed? via Blog World LA on November 4, 2011

Guy Kawasaki on Google Plus


Chris Brogan on Google Plus




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Why Google Plus Will Last
-> Facebook’s sharing system is inferior
-> You can segment your connections
-> Many established systems had doubters and critics in the beginning
-> Twitter has become less engaging
-> It takes some time for people to “get” new platforms
-> Many new platforms and products are incomplete and not all thought through in the beginning

How Businesses Can Get Started With Google+
-> Jump in and start practicing with a personal account
-> Get your profile right
-> You need to develop relationships before sales
-> Use Google Plus to get links out there
-> Get +1′s for your content
-> Provide value to your connections
-> Be creative
-> Use it for search engine rankings
-> Do it as a land grab


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