Likes UP: Likes Up (or not) on Your Facebook Business Page



The number one reason (according to Two Talking Cats) why you are not getting LIKES UP on your Facebook Business/Fan Page:


Your business, and the information you are sharing, is not relevant to them.

Business owners seem be obsessed lately with like numbers.  (they want their LIKES UP much like folks want their Google +1 to keep incrementing up)

Business owners don’t care who is liking their page – they just want that number to tick up.

This is going about it all wrong. People who are liking your page should be current, or potential customers – your target audience.

You want them to engage and interact with you. Statistically speaking, you want at least 1% of your fan base to engage with every post.

If this is not reached, it is not likely that your item was seen in your fans’ feeds.

Getting all the likes you can get inflates your numbers, and lessons your exposure. Remember quality, not quantity.


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