Likes UP: Real Life, Real Liking and Social Networks

Likes UP: Real Life, Real Liking and Social Networks



Hangouts on Google Plus are an easy way to connect that even “feels” like you are together.

This could compared to the Skype features but armed with a gmail account you don’t need to download any more software to get started.  It is all part of Google Plus.  G+ has hit a home run with this one feature!

The side-effect is distraction.  Just like hanging out with your friends in real life can distract you from schoolwork, your job, your business and every day responsibility, hanging out online or offline must be done with a sense of timing.

Of course, if you are like some of us (no names mentioned) hanging out is not the issue.   It is all in the name of learning, technological progress and however else we rationalize our time.

If you don’t have a regular cleaning lady, perhaps the sign below is a tell-tale sign of too much hanging.   Because there are not too many self-proclaimed techno-geeks and computer nerds who love to clean house.



Hangout… so tempting! 

#LikesUP – To Click or Not to Click. That is the question…

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