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G+ Tip: Revisiting Old Tips II


the lengthy collection, sharing and resharing, 3 new articles added

Cilck for Ryan’s Google Plus post to Give Credit where Credit is Due

12 Articles written to Enhance the Google+ User Experience

Per Ryan Crowe: “Revisiting Old Tips” will probably be something I do once a month. Over a month’s time I’ve gained Followers – and I’m sure many of them don’t go back and read through my entire content library stored on G+. However, I see them asking many of the same questions that were answered or addressed a long time ago. These are a few of my lengthier posts that I feel like are still relevant. A lot of the short tips I posted when I first started have since become… mostly… irrelevant with the addition of features over time.

HOWEVER I would like to put forth this to you, dear reader: if you are interested in helping others use G+, think of a basic function of G+ and let other people know it exists. Those sorts of tips really help new folks who are just starting out on our beloved platform. Sharing and Re-sharing these tips is something that will happen naturally.
And of course – remember – if something is useful to you… it will probably be useful to someone else – so do not be afraid to share/re-share useful things. Also – you can check out your Ripples (which is totally rad).

G+ Tip: Utilizing “Ripples” to Understand and Potentially Expand Your Reach  October 27
This post highlights ways you can use your Ripples to your advantage. Useful for content creators and for analyzing potential uses for business pages that will probably be here sooner than we think they will be

User-Generated Shared Circle Google Doc
October 15
A post highlighting the creation of a Google Doc that allows people to publicly edit/read/share circles that they have created. It’s fairly well organized and extensive

A Few Tips for Content Creators and Their Fans
September 30
I found myself writing posts for content consumers exclusively, and when I discovered (going through my “Sources” stream) I saw a lot of popular content creators start to turn negative regarding their interest levels in G+. I wrote this article in order to show that they weren’t going through something “odd” and I wrote the post so that content consumers could help support their favorite content creators.

Ryan Crowe's profile photoRyan Crowe

G+ Tip: Revisiting Old Tips
“New to you” is alive and well on G+, and also a Content-based introduction
Over the last few days (thanks to Floodgate), I’m sure many of us have seen a pick-up of activity, Followers, new faces, and maybe… a new vibe. What does vibe even mean? Do we use that word too much? It feels… different. I kinda like it.
Well, I want to sort of welcome folks again – a lot of people been finding me via different resources – and I haven’t been able to say hey on an individual basis as much as I would like! So, if you’re just now Following me – and are new to the Google+ platform – I have a little list of old posts that might help you get started/think about some stuff/ figure out the way the platform has been working in its early stages… also, these are some of my favorite articles of mine not because of the article itself, but because of the conversations attached to the articles… read the comments!
Some of these links are fairly old, and even some of my not-so-new Circlers may have missed them. I encourage you to interact with and reshare these posts – they aren’t dead :).
(these are in no particular order. I’ve included the dates and a brief description of the link)

New users – Figure out what you want from your G+ ExperienceSep 20
In this post I give advice on how to go about getting what you want from the G+ platform

Save this link – The Ultimate Google Plus Guide via +Johnathan Chung Sep 24
_Johnathan is one of the team members, and more importantly, the writer/compiler of the best Google Plus guide that you can find: the gold standard for all future guides.
How to Gain More Followers – and why this shouldn’t be your goal Aug 30
This post was written in response to a trend of posts that I saw where people were asking how they could gain more Followers. I argue that quality interaction is better than the little number next to your “Added to Circles” section of your profile

The “How Did you Find Me?” Exercise
Aug 23
A very important community building exercise/experiment I ran about a month ago. I say it’s important because it lead me to come up with my original idea for

Using Google+ for Social Good
Aug 11
_During the London riots, I created another account called “London Riots Help” and later had to change the account name to +Ryan Crowe (my union jack account) to avoid being shut down. After my experience running that account – I blog about the strengths and weaknesses of using Google+ as a tool for social good in a crisis situation ( +Beth Kanter you might like this).

Keep Track of Who is Following You – Finding Jobs, Contacts, Conversations
Aug 17
I talk about the importance of being aware of your networks and how to leverage those things if you’re more business minded

G+ Etiquette Tip: A Few Reasons to Credit your Sources
Aug 16
The importance of sharing, resharing and crediting your sources is examined here. Making sure to acknowledge those who have helped you find things on G+ has become a very important and expected interaction within the early G+ community. It’s one of things that I would like to see become commonplace as the platform grows in numbers

Give Credit where Credit is Due
July 18th
This is the early form of the article above… interesting maybe to see how some thing still fit and to watch the evolution of an idea

Stop Waiting for your Life to come to G+
Sep 23
One of my most recent articles about creating the experience that you want on G+

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