Likes UP: Social Media Product Launch Formula

Likes UP: Social Media Product Launch Formula



Article by Guy Kawaski

Full Story Social Media Product Launch Formula

1. Facebook

2. Website

3. Review Copies

4. Email

5. Pay Per Click

6. Photo Contest

7. Quizzes

8. Infographic

9. Badges, Buttons, Banners and Stickers

10. Wallpapers

11. PowerPoint

12. Thank You Slideshow



While my new product is a book, you can apply these ideas to almost any product introduction. Every one of these vendors did a great job for me, and I would use them again in a second. Of course, when I’ve provided cost estimates in the past, there are always people who say, “You paid that much for that? I could have done it for a third of the price!” Yeah, well, there are two things to consider.

First, I’m providing ballpark numbers for what people should expect to pay — I didn’t necessarily pay all of these prices.

Second, and more importantly, even if I did pay these prices, I didn’t have the bandwidth or desire to shop around, check out vendors and negotiate. Time is money and I was plenty busy making three speeches a week around the world, parenting four kids and being interviewed three to five times per day. And there’s a lesson in that too: If you try to optimize every decision and you define optimization as doing things as cheaply as possible, you might end up with a steaming pile of crap. The big picture is to launch a product as big and fast possible and to succeed — not save the most money.


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