Likes UP: The +1 Symbol for Achievement & Success


Likes UP: The +1 Symbol for Achievement & Success


The + symbol in front of the the K in the Klout social tracking system caught my attention. 

First because of the + plus symbol and second because it reminded me of G+. 

With yesterday’s launch of Google Plus Pages for Business the +1 symbol was at the forefront of my mind.

As you can see from the New Achievement image below, the +K achievement is meant to be touted on other social networks. 

As The Liking Authority™ I am aware of the psychology and physiology changes that come with receiving positive recognition. 



The specifics of these +K achievements in two of my areas of expertise, ENTREPRENEURSHIP and WRITING serves to validate and give recognition.




Part of engagement in social media is the reward system.  Branch out has merit badges similar to the idea behind patches in the Boy Scouts.  Here are a few examples from BranchOut, an application on Facebook.  These forms of acknowledgement and higher levels of achievement are well known in the network marketing world using various designations demonstrated by lapel pins with precious stones, metals and styles such as platinum and diamonds.  

marketing brainsb-spot-smartssuper-creativejustplain-great






Empire Avenue has it’s own set of achievement rewards for the social stock market such as “Influence Mogul”






In addition to reward achievement there are perks.  Klout offered Moo Cards as a perk:


Klout shows icons for your achievements.  One is “Klout Addict”


Klout (clout = influence) does not say it is a game.  Empire Avenue does say it is a game and has made up a name “eaves” as part of the social culture.  Other social media apps like Farmville and Mafia Wars are games with rewards and strategies to win or amass more points, money, or game-specific rewards.  

Like many video games, social media games and status building can become addicting.  Even social media itself can become addicting. 

That is a part of liking behavior that activates the b-spot and the neurotransmitters go wild.

Watch the movie Pirates of Silicon Valley. At the end of the day, giants of the tech industry, are still ruled by the basic emotions of human nature, the b-spot and liking behavior .


Admittedly, Google+ Plus is Addicting!





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