Likes UP: The Liking Authority on Cialdini’s Influence

The biggest authority on the field of influence and persuasion is Robert Cialdini. Guy Kawasaki says his book is the de facto standard. Guy wields some serious influence, himself!

The Liking Authority is Sherrie Rose.

To guide you to become more effective at getting people do what you want, Cialdini came up with six scientific principles of persuasion:

Principle: Liking
We prefer to say “yes” to those we know and like. Research confirms that things like physical attractiveness (we like good-looking people), familiarity (we trust people we know), similarity (we like people like us) and compliments (we like people who say nice things about us) all factor into to the principle of “liking.”

LEVERAGE LIKING: talk/write like a human, connect with your audience, the reader, viewer, listener. Share details about yourself that make you more personable and likeable. Be friendly and cool (like Sherrie Rose and Guy Kawasaki). Trust is important in liking.

Liking in Action


Principle: Authority
People rely on those with superior knowledge or perspective for guidance on how to respond AND what decision to make. The power and authenticity of authority is a based association. 

LEVERAGE AUTHORITY: Demonstrate your expertise. Show off your credentials. Have other celebrities in your field endorse you. i.e. The Liking Authority has “social proof” of authority because of connections with other experts.

Authority in Action


Principle: Reciprocation
People feel obligated to give back to others who have given to them. What goes around comes around.

LEVERAGE RECIPROCITY: Teach your prospective customer something useful in your webinar and give away free stuff. When conducting a webinar, add value to your webinar participant’s life or business needs long before you even start to sell anything.

Reciprocity in Action


Principle: Consistency
We encounter personal and inter-personal pressure to behave consistently with that commitment once we have made a choice or take a stand.

LEVERAGE CONSISTENCY: Start small and move up from there. Accepting the first gift such as an eBook is a step in making someone a customer. When they see themselves as your customer, and will be much more likely to make a larger purchase.

Consistency in Action


Principle: Social proof
People look so see what others are doing. We decide what’s appropriate for us in a particular situation by examining and following what others are doing. “What would the Liking Authority Say?”

LEVERAGE SOCIAL PROOF:  Demonstrate how many others are already using your product or service. Show off your numbers and statistics. Use testimonials. Which authorities recommend it? i.e. Recommended by The Liking Authority.

Social Proof in Action


Principle 6: Scarcity
Opportunities appear more valuable when they are less available. The power of potential loss, missing out on deal, or having to pay more later is a powerful influence and motivates action.
LEVERAGE SCARCITY: Use time or quantity limited factors. Limit access by promoting exclusivity.

Scarcity in Action


The Liking Authority


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