Likes Up: The simplest comment like “#LikesUP!” is better that just a Like or +1

Instead of clicking the +1 or like button add a comment which can be as simple as #LikesUP (people even like this 🙂



This works in Google Plus too because eventually hashtags will be searchable. Everything will end up being searched on the search engine Google.

Just clicking +1 or the Like button is kinda lazy.  Comments are more valuable.   A hashtag comment is fun and shows you care.   If someone gets one comment on social media or a blog post or even a review that will make their day.  You don’t need to be Shakespeare, a simple #LikesUP!  will make a difference today.  People even like the comment #LikesUP! as in the image above on

Some companies use an opposite technique to show uniqueness saying they are UNLIKE any other in their category which could also mean something not so good.  But it is better to give a big #LikesUP as a seal of approval.


The Liking Authority recommends giving a #LikesUP today!

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