Likes UP: Using Google+ as a Page

Likes UP: Using Google+ as a Page

Once you’ve created a Google Plus page (from your personal profile) you can switch to your page. 

Underneath your profile photo is a drop down menu.  Highlight the page and click.

The message will appear: “You are now using Google+ as this page.  Your posts, comments, and notifications will be from this page.”


You will also know you are operating from your Google+ page because the logo or image you uploaded for your page will display.

You will also see the logos of company pages you have added to your circles.

This is just the beginning of the changes we will see from Google.

In an earlier post entitled, “Likes UP: Urban Dictionary Submission–Will It Get The Thumbs UP? there was reference to PLUS ONE and POST COUNT.

Plus one was described as “usually written +1 used in a form post” and Postcount as “total sum of combined posts”

Where these +1 images and icons will have greater impact is in the Google search engine itself.



It is all about aggregating data and the +1 symbol with higher numbers will show a level of approval or interest (which is what Likes UP is al about).  As the +1 increments up and more people like an ad or page or website, the more social proof their will be.  Advertisers who have implemented the social extensions in their Adwords accounts can also choose the company’s Google plus business page URL as the destination landing page.  Now that’s interaction!



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