Likes UP: What Is Likes Up? #LikesUP

Likes UP: What Is Likes Up?  #LikesUP

Because you asked…  Perhaps you’ve received a comment in the form of a hashtag: #likesup.

Or some actually says to you, “Likes UP!”

What Is Likes Up? What does Likes UP mean?

Likes UP Definition

You take the action to like something.  In social media it is clicking an icon.

Because a COMMENT has more value, the hashtag #likesup is used as a response.


#LikesUP – To Click or Not to Click. That is the question…

If you click on any one of a number of social icons (facebook, google plus 1, vote, rate, like, recommend, share, etc.) you are essentially giving a likes up.

I thought Likes were for Facebook

Facebook popularized the like button but it exists on YouTube and multiple social sites.

What is the UP about in “Likes UP”?

Adding UP is all about getting MORE clicks in social media.

Each click whether a like (easiest), a share (second easiest if no comment), and comment (takes a little effort) shows the number incrementing up.  It all adds UP and the number count shows beside the icon (# of likes, # of +1’s, # of stars in a rating, # of votes, etc.)

Likes UP!

In popular culture, words and phrases go mainstream.  Over the years words have taken on meaning for being popular: cool, hot, groovy, sick, etc.  Likes UP has been added to the urban lexicon.   So the next time something strikes your fancy, simply say, “Likes UP!”  You can add the hand gesture of a thumbs up if you wish.

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#Likes UP – To Click or Not to Click…


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