LikesUP: Crowdsourcing for Book Curation

LikesUP: Crowdsourcing for Book Curation



Click on the image above to get your copy of this crowdsourced book.

a crowdsourced book on Facebook Marketing curated by Social Fresh. If you need an introduction or a refresher on social media training without scouring the web for hours for the best stuff, we have you covered. We are working on PDF versions, but until we get them finished, dive into the best resources on Facebook Marketing below.

PS. This is a living book, constantly updated with the best and most up to date content from across the web. Let us know what we missed in the comments.

Facebook Foundations by Social Fresh

19 Chapters with links taking you to various websites for the specific information.




UPDATE: Sept 2011

jim kukral book crowdfunding

Crowd funding used to “pay in advance” for books yet to be written.

3 New Books To Change Your Life “Style”

There are a variety of pledge options that come with a growing list of perks as you go higher.

So after Jim raises funds for the books through pledges, he will write them and hire a production team of editors, proofers, and designers to refine the final product.

Check out the number of backers and how much money had been pledged in this crowdfunding project for the 3-book series


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