Overcoming Webinar Stage Fright

over come stage fright go from nervous to confident The Webinar Way

If you are not a professional speaker (and even if you are), you may have experienced stage fright at some point. It could have been in front of the classroom, at Toastmasters, in the boardroom, or at your company meeting.

And stage fright is not limited to stages or in-person events. Stage fright is all too common with new and even seasoned webinar presenters.

There are many “suggestions” to help this speaking dilemma but Manny Wolfe who helps coaches and aspiring speakers deal with stage fright and has some great tips that are expanded on for webinars.

So where does ‘stage fright’ actually comes from? It’s simply the fear of rejection. That may be enough to stop most people in their tracks, and send them crawling back into the shadows, never to attempt public speaking.

To Get Over Stage Fright:

Start by familiarizing yourself with your surroundings.

In-Person >> Before you take the stage, connect with some people in the room. This way, you already have friendly faces in the crowd.

Webinar >> Before you start your presentation, test the software, equipment and practice. This way, you are confident and feel you are in control.

Then change your physical state.

In-Person >> Put yourself into a positive physical state. Spend a couple of minutes standing tall (back stage, not in public), use belly breathing to center yourself, and smile.

Webinar >> Same as in-person. This might sound simplistic but getting into a positive physical state will change your physiology, and your mood and mindset.

Do Not Leave This Part To Chance!

In-Person >> Have the first 90 seconds of your presentation DOWN COLD! Know every single thing you are going to do in your opening, from your stride out on to the stage, to your inflection, to the questions or opening comments-all of it.

Webinar >> Have the first 5 minutes seconds of your presentation locked in your brain! Have the last 15 minutes during the “close” memorized so you can say it in your sleep. This means practice beforehand multiple times.

Pro Tip

Webinar >> Set up your computer so you can stand while giving your presentation. This relates to your physical state, above.  As Jim Kwik says, As your body moves, your brain grooves!

With a stage talk you may want a crowd cheering and giving you a standing ovation. With a webinar, you want them to take your closing action, however you define that action in your desired outcome. Bring your energy and your A-Game!

Preparation is the enemy of fear.

When you go live, when the pressure is on, either in-person or virtual webinar, we don’t rise to the occasion, we sink to the level of our training. Your training and your confidence go hand in hand. Get the Power of Webinars training.

Preparation makes profit. This is described in detail in Sherrie Rose’s book, The Webinar Way in Pillar 2 and Pillar 4. Get the book on Amazon.


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