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You know when you scroll down your Facebook newsfeed and see the words “see more” as part of a post only to find it is practically a novel?  These posts with the globe icon indicating they are public are shared with the world.   They don’t fall into the hook-line and ledes format that Michelle Schaeffer writes about in her blog.  And, they are longer than most blog posts.

It is amazing what your friends share. Especially publicly.  Some a disguised with a marketing pitch.  Some are personal promotion.  Many are heartfelt with an opportunity to reach out and get help on a particular issue if it has touched your life (like death or grief).  Some are newsworthy about a trend.  They are all very revealing and list below in no particular order.

Shared LONG Public Facebook Posts

Over 12 years ago, I was following this online marketer who was well known…

He taught me some pretty awesome techniques and methods I tried out and made some good income with…

At that time, I had a day job and was trying to earn online to quit that day job… and he gave me good advice.

Eventually, I quit that day job and hit a million per year.

I opened this big office in Austin and we sold big ticket packages for many successful business folks…

That guy reached out to me and said, “Eric, I really trust you. If you tell me it’s possible for someone to make 20k per month, I’ll believe you. I just need to know this is real, and it’s possible to truly make that type of money”

I was shocked.

I asked him how much he actually makes, and he said next to nothing. Never made more than 1k in a month… just a few hundred here and there.

I explained that some of his methods he taught me actually made me thousands per month, so what gives?

He still did not believe it was real.

So, I did a camtasia video, logged into my Paypal account, clicked around showing him how much I had earned… and was earning.

He was shocked.

I was shocked.

What gives??

Here’s this guy who knows it all… has tons of skills… talents… wisdom… acted like an authority… yet made no money.

What gives?

Well, I hired him to help train my clients and help them get sites and whatnot up and online back then.

He could teach it, could do it, but could not earn big on his own.

Since then, I’ve seen TONS of people who have the skills, have the knowledge, have the talents, know their stuff, can teach this like a champion, got EVERYTHING IT TAKES…

But cannot earn squat.


Well, I think there are a bunch of reasons, but the biggest one of all is they are “handcuffed” in their heads.

They are stuck. They are in the mud. Their self worth is shot. They cannot string it all together. they cannot crack the code. They cannot stay focused long enough. They lose momentum quickly. They give up fast. They beat themselves up and self-condemn themselves.

They are limited by “self belief” and they are “wounded”. They are distracted. They are in their own heads. They cannot get out of their own way.

They are too afraid of ridicule and what others think.

They second guess themselves into analysis paralysis.

All in all, they do not FULLY implement a thing all the way through to the absolute finish line.

They lack FAITH!

My point is, there are tons of people out there who have ALL the skills and talents and abilities required (and then some)… but they lack the…


Which goes to show it’s not the tactics, or the strategies, or tools, or budget, or talents, or systems, or secrets…

It’s YOU.


It’s your inner-game (their inner-game)

It’s self sabotage and all that… not the secret loophole or method or hidden treasure-secret you have not yet stumbled upon.

It’s you.

It is.

I see a lot of people none of us would have ever thought would earn millions, who end up earning millions, simply because they had the courage to IMPLEMENT all the way through.

Lots of people out there are hugely successful because they have COURAGE to do it, all the way through, and the faith to stick to something… that it will eventually work!

It’s not brains, or charisma, or talents, or skills, or finding secrets or contacts or your rolodex, or your resources or budget.

It’s you.

Fix that.

Fix the block that is blocking you from allowing you to be all you were created to be.

You can do all things through God because he strengthens you.

God Bless!

~Eric Louviere


Brain Surgery. Death of Younger Sister. The Decision.
One day before I had my surgery at New York Hospital, I thought that I would close the final chapter of my life. I made all the effort to live every single day as if it was my last day on earth. – Even the last one hour before I had to the operating room, I thanked all my friends, family, partners, and told all my employees that IF I didn’t make it, they would still be guaranteed of a two-month salary.
As I entered the operating room, I was ready for whatever outcome. I had no regret. I had no fear. I just accepted things as it was. – Hours later, I became alert. 24 hours later, I saw IV lines were all over my body. Every four hours, there would a nurse came by to check on me, draw blood, as well as gave me meals.
On the fifth days, I was home. Though I was very weak, had a lot of fluid from the brain which resulted in leakage from the nose, I stayed strong. I asked my fiancée to order two books. – During my waking hours, usually less than six hours a day, I would read a lot of books. – As I experienced some slowness on my memory, I went to acupuncture nearby three times a week. It was excruciating as the doctor put each needle as if I didn’t exist. – However, it worked.
I recovered. Three months after my surgery, January 17, 2018, I told myself that I needed to find a way to share with others how I lived my life. Instead of slowing down, I started to fire up my laptop and started writing. It pained me to see other people were suffering in silence. I convinced myself to be one of the few people to speak up. This way, the world will have fewer people experience what my siblings and I suffered.
On February 1, 2018, at 3 AM, I received few urgent messages.
It read “Younger sister has passed away.” I called back my oldest sister right away. – She confirmed it. At that moment, my tear came down slowly. I was in a total shock as it didn’t make any sense to me.
You see, my younger sister was the bravest person in the family. When she was on duty, she would give her all. It was because of her, my father’s business became prosper in which we owned many properties, houses, and lands where my father could go to cruise 12 times a year. – Yes, it is 12 times a year. In the surface, it looked very flamboyant. In reality, my sister suffered depression from a narcissistic dad.
Since she decided to let go of her corporate job 13 years ago, I heard many horror stories where my father would verbally abuse her by calling her animal, pig, dog, whore, slut, and much more. – She would call my oldest sister many countless nights on how bad she felt where the tear was her only friends.
After her passing, I spoke with my mom. I told her that all her kids are very courageous. We are very independent. The only thing we wanted from her and dad was a sense of validation we are enough.
My younger sister didn’t get one. I didn’t get one. None of my siblings got any validation that we were good sons and daughters. I was lucky to be surrounded by my godfather, mentors, coaches, and good friends who validated me that I was enough. – It wasn’t the same thing for my younger sister. She was all alone. As the president of one of the largest non-profit organization and the owner of many companies, people looked at her for mentorship.
With a narcissistic dad, my sister closed her heart to every person around her including me. I did ask my dad to give her the validation she needed in October 2016, but he refused. He tried to undermine my integrity by starting to call me a loser. I told him that after building a high six-figure per year business for many years, networking with Fortune 5,000 CEOs, and celebrities, I said to my dad that the only loser was him and him alone.
After being with him for 13 days in New York, I became physically and emotionally exhausted. – Luckily, my godfather and god sister helped me to eliminate the hatred and anger my dad planted inside me. I decided to block my dad from my life, forever. For me, he was bad news.
As I was grieving for the passing of my sister, I blamed myself for sharing my story a little too late for her. I knew for the fact that IF I came out with the story one year before her passing, she might still survive. Instead of weeping over it, I decided to share everything I experienced in the past and how I came out from it alive and well. This way, there would be fewer people die in silence.
I know some of my friends died quietly. They didn’t have the second chance as I do. Besides, I also did some research that there were more than 87% of the population raised in a broken family. Some people are embarrassed by their childhood experience. However, they would instead hide, suffer and having a limited belief instead of knowing that many people used to be like them who were hurt and thrived.
I am lucky to break the chain and live my life as if there is no tomorrow even up to these dates. However, I can no longer stay in silence as I know that every single moment I stay quiet, there will be more people dying in agony without living a limitless life.
It is the reason WHY from today’s forward, I am going to SHARE ALL my stories, approach leaders in the industry to share their stories, as well as give back to the society and community that I love. – Together, we will break the chain and live the limitless life once and for all. Let’s do this together. I love you all.
By: Henry Gold


our NEW advantage…

It used to be that your talent was your biggest competitive advantage.

Great work spoke for itself and was enough to make you stand out.

Unfortunately, those days are over.

Your ideal clients have heard so many over-hyped claims. Your competitors have bombarded them with so many solutions they don’t know who to trust.

To make it worse, they have already tried a lot of the solutions available to them. And they’re still stuck. They’ve spent too much money on too many things that haven’t worked.

Even if you DO have a proven solution that will get them results, they’re not ready to hear it yet.

They need to hear something else first.

That’s why I created the new webinar I’m doing today and tomorrow. You need to know how your advantage has shifted.

Your advantage used to be what you could do that no one else could do. But those days are over.

You have a new opportunity to stand out right now.

You have a new advantage… if you want it.

Today, your advantage is what you _____ that no one else _____.

What goes in those blanks completely changes the game. You need to market differently now to cut through to clutter to reach your ideal clients.

Let me fill in the blanks for you.

Jim Niswonger

Trademark Wars: Tinder vs Bumble, Part 2 Trade Dress Infringement at 13

Jilted dating app company Tinder is playing hardball with rival Bumble, which it tried unsuccessfully to earlier acquire, and has filed a lawsuit alleging that Bumble is infringing its patent, its trademarks, and stealing trade secrets. Hey, if you can’t woo ‘em, sue ‘em, right?

Bumble in its countersuit alleges that Tinder used protected information acquired during the acquisition “pillow talks” as ammunition in its lawsuit. Yesterday I discussed the trademark infringement issue. Today, I want to cover the “trade dress” issue in this lover’s spat.

“Trade dress” refers to the characteristic visual appearance of a product or product packaging that identify the source of the product in the eyes of the consumer. It’s a form of intellectual property, just like a patent a copyright, or a trademark is. An infringer violates the trade dress of another when they adopt the “look and feel” of another company in a manner that is likely to cause confusion in the mind of the consumer. If an aspect of the trade dress is functional, that part is not protected by trade dress; if you want to protect something functional, then you need to apply for a patent. Only designs, shapes, or other creative aspects of the product or its packaging that are created to promote and distinguish the product or service are capable of protection under trade dress. Trade dress is protected both by registered and unregistered marks under the Lanham Act; just as you don’t need to register your trademark (if you’d rather fight about it later than protect your rights with a registration, that’s up to you!) owners of trade dress rights have them irrespective of registration with the Trademark Office., the parent company of plaintiff Tinder, owns design patent D798,314 for a “display screen or portion thereof with a graphical user interface of a mobile device,” filed in April 2016. As of this post, it’s not yet been issued, which is pretty common for tech patents, because there is such a backlog in that examining group. The protected design looks like a mobile app interface with a header and cards below, upon which a user may perform the now-infamous “swiping.”

Do they look alike? Well, judge for yourself. I don’t see a strong resemblance that isn’t “functional” — remember with the mobile interface, the small format gives you only so many ways to display the information. I think it looks different, and I wouldn’t be confused about the two apps. We’ll have to wait and see what the court thinks.

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Angela Langlotz [Recorded Live]

About 5 years ago my youngest daughter committed suicide at the age of 29. She lived in Iowa and had a very young daughter herself (my granddaughter) who was only about a year and a half old when my daughter took her own life. I was in Switzerland when I got the call from her mother (my former wife) and of course I was totally shocked.

Fortunately I had previously learned how to resolve traumatic emotional pain after I had been shot in the chest by a deranged stranger back in 1993. It was a miracle that this shooting didn’t kill me as the gun was a .44 caliber hand gun so the bullet was big and it happened at quite close range. Hunters use .44’s to kill bears!

In my recovery from this attack I had two surgeries but the biggest part of the healing wasn’t physical. it was emotional. I needed to find a way to heal from the deep emotional pain that was causing what is called Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) that I had as a result of getting shot. I had all of the typical PTSD symptoms… nightmares, flashbacks, anxiety, depression, hyper-vigilance, startle response… you name it, I had it.

The reason I want to share this with you is that what I discovered and actually did is a major breakthrough for healing from all kinds of trauma including the trauma that causes grief.

I didn’t believe the psychological dogma that PTSD is incurable and you just have to learn how to cope with it. Intuitively I felt that the psychologists must be missing something. There must be a way to heal from trauma. After all, new technologies are being invented all the time. Why not see if a new technology could be invented for resolving deep traumatic emotional pain that causes things like PTSD, grief and heartbreak?

So I started to look for an answer. I wanted to see if I could find what was missing that seemed to make recovering from trauma so difficult, if not impossible for everyone. I was determined to find something with which I could truly heal myself.

It took several years of my own specialized research to find an answer and when I did it was so simple, so incredibly simple, that I could see why people had missed it. Here’s what i discovered.

When we are very little we all get emotionally overwhelmed many, many times. Nobody likes it. In fact we hate it. And everyone starts to suppress painful emotions as best they can in order to try to avoid the awful experience of being emotionally overwhelmed. This happens even before we learn how to talk. Everyone gets so good at suppressing emotional pain that they do it without even realizing that they are doing it. It becomes a deeply engrained conditioning. It becomes automatic. And this is universal. Everybody does this.

When the pain is too strong and we can’t suppress it, it overwhelms us and makes us cry. But neither emotional suppression or getting overwhelmed and crying get rid of the pain. I’m sure everyone here has cried many of times over your loss and you still feel the pain.

So after getting this insight I mentioned above, it was like a light bulb went off. I suddenly had the idea that what I needed to do was to try doing the exact opposite of what we are all used to doing all of our lives. I needed to experiment with allowing myself to feel the sensation of the terror that I was still carrying around in my body. And then, while feeling it, to get closer to it rather than pushing it away or trying to sweep it under the carpet.

So I got up my courage and tried it.

I thought about the getting shot experience and immediately felt the sensation of the terror in my chest. Let me tell you, even though it has been a few years since the shooting incident, the feeling was still intense. I have to say that the first thing I noticed was that it didn’t kill me to do that! It took a while of letting myself just notice the central strongest area of the sensation of the terror, but to my surprise and delight the feeling gradually diminished.

Hmmm, maybe I’m onto something, I thought. So I got my courage up even more and I brought my awareness yet closer to the remaining sensation that was still there in my chest, After staying focused on the central strongest part of the energy for a while again, it diminished some more.

OK! Now I was really encouraged!!! I kept getting closer and closer to what remained of the sensation and the feeling kept getting softer and softer until it was gone.

Was it really gone? To test it, I thought about the whole experience of getting shot and I didn’t feel any terror any more. Could it be possible that I managed to really get rid of this deep pain?

I decided that I would sleep on it and see if the terror was really gone the next day. So I went to bed that night not knowing if the terror would come back or not. i had been having nightmares every night. But when I woke up the next morning the first thing I realized was that I had slept through the night with no nightmares for the first time since getting shot!

There had been several aspects of the trauma from this incident and I could feel that there might be some of it left so I used what I had discovered on all of the sensations of traumas form the whole incident. The result… No more nightmares. No more flashbacks. No more anxiety or depression. I completely cured myself of PtSD. Unheard of, but I did it. And I haven’t had a single PTSD symptom in the 25 years since. That’s incredible!

Of course I couldn’t help but share what I had discovered with friends and family. As I did that I rapidly learned that what I had discovered was useful for resolving all kind of emotional pain. You didn’t have to be severely traumatized in order to benefit from this discovery. So I started traveling around the world teaching people how to do this. I did end up using this new development to help people who were struggling with not being able to get over the pain of grief. Every time I did that with someone, it worked with people all over the world. This made me prepared to use it myself when the time came to do that.

My daughter had never learned my emotional resolution techniques. She just wasn’t into it and was deeply depressed. She’d been taking some of the new anti-depression medicines which are known to sometimes create suicidal thoughts. So when I heard the news about my daughter’s death I was in deep pain about it but I knew what I had to do. I used the same technique that I had used to cure myself of the PTSD and within about an hour the pain was totally gone. All I could feel then was my love for my daughter.

The thing that’s different about what I did that made it work so well is that what I discovered is that the solution to recovering from trauma and grief is not intellectual. It’s experiential. And everyone is so deeply conditioned to avoid it. This is what causes people to grieve for so long. They simply don’t know that they have the natural capacity to heal from this but that capacity is totally under-utilized. It’s not that we can’t do it, it’s that we haven’t known how to do it because of our deep conditioning and habit of emotional suppression.

I want other people who are grieving to be able to stop suffering. I want to help everyone in the world who is grieving learn how to overcome it and regain the ability to be joyful again.

And because this new technology of grief resolution is experiential and it involves learning to do the exact opposite of what you’ve been doing all of your life, you have to first have an orientation to learn how to do it and then be personally guided through it. This guidance needs to be done by someone experienced in how to do it correctly. So what I’d like to do is to offer to do several demonstrations to help people who are grieving to resolve their grief so that the pain is really gone. i already have a couple of them scheduled that I’m going to do via video conferencing over the web. I’ve used the video conferencing for this kind of thing many times before and found that it works quite well.

What better place to do this than with people in this group who would like to give it a try.

I do want to get on with helping as many people as possible to stop suffering and transform their suffering into joy!

I’m all set to do this and I have a couple of demos set up for later next week. One is with a woman named Joan who lives on the east coast of the USA. When I offered to do this on my own Facebook page she replied right away that she would like to volunteer.

She said –

Tom, I saw your note on FB about looking for volunteers to do demos on different topics. I would very much like to do one with you on grief. I lost my husband in Aug and am having a lot of difficulty finding my way through the overwhelming grief. I’m on the east coast of the US, if that helps coordinate things.

Thank you.


There’s a second one scheduled with an elderly man in India who is having a very difficult time after the passing of his son in a train accident.

In both cases, I’m going to give a brief orientation and then guide the person through the techniques for resolving the energy that is causing the pain.

This is a major breakthrough for grief recovery. It’s kind of like human anti-virus software for getting grief off of your hard drive! It’s highly complementary to all of the other great stuff that you’ll find here in this group.

When I learned from my own experience as well as from helping lots of people get over the pain of grieving, was that this can be done much, much faster than “normal.”

I’m going to do several more of these demos. If you’d like to see the demos look just drop me a note on my page and I’ll let you know if that’s still possible.

Thanks for reading this long post,

Tom Stone

GOLDEN ADVICE from Drayton Bird

“Do you have too much to read? Memos, reports, letters, e-mails, leaflets, newspapers, magazines, catalogues, direct mail? And are they breeding like wire coat hangers?

Well, in a survey some years ago, US business leaders were asked what change they would most like to see in business. They didn’t talk about accounting or strategy. The majority pleaded: “Teach people to write better.”

They just had too much written garbage to plough through. We all do. If you read most stuff put out nowadays it is appalling. Badly written, dull – and often downright incomprehensible.

Yet bad writing is not necessary if you can just count.

This was discovered by Rudolph Flesch, an American, who spent years in the 1940’s researching what makes for easy reading. As a result he formulated some very easy rules.

The simplest is, make your sentences short. The easiest sentence to take in is only eight words long. A sensible average is 16 words. Any sentence of more than 32 words is hard to take in.

That’s because most people tend to forget what happened at the beginning of the sentence by the time they get to the end. You must make it easy for people.

And the same applies to paragraphs. Vary them, but keep them short, containing only one or two thoughts – especially the first one. A long opening paragraph is daunting.

And happily Microsoft Word has a tool partly based on Flesch which will help you. Just go to Tools/Option/Spelling & Grammar/Show readability statistics. If you use that option it automatically tells you how readable your stuff is.

Oh – and whatever you do, ignore their grammar suggestions – they’re 100% useless.

Good examples

Read any popular novel, newspaper or magazine. They are written for people who are not clever, or not concentrating. Words, sentences and paragraphs are very short. And here are some other suggestions.

A heading must make the reader want to find out more, and not reveal so much they might not feel they need to read it.

Try to avoid ‘we’ instead of ‘I’ – the writing most likely to be read is me to you. People don’t relate to organisations.

Count the number of “you” words – yours and your – versus “me” words – I, us, our, ours and we. The ratio should be at least 2:1, preferably 3:1.

Use “carrier” words and phrases at the beginnings of sentences to keep people reading. Such as Moreover, That is why, In addition, What’s more, On top of that, Also and And. These tell your reader there is more to come. And forget what your teacher told you: “And” is often used to start sentences in The Bible.

You can also use questions at the ends of sentences or paragraphs. Why is this?

Because then you have to read on to get the answers (and if you notice, the end of point 5 and start of this point demonstrate what I mean).

George Orwell’s “1984” and “Animal Farm” were gripping parables about the nightmare of totalitarianism. In an essay he gave six rules for better writing.

1. Never use a metaphor, simile or other figure of speech which you are used to seeing in print.

People get used to them and they fail to take them in. Say something fresh or different. Don’t say “at the end of the day” – say “in the end”; don’t say “put it to the acid test” – say “test thoroughly”. “Cutting edge” or “state of the art” mean “newest”

2. Never use a long word where a short one will do.

Complimentary – Free

Anticipate – Expect

Expectation – Hope

Authored – Wrote

Transportation – Car

Purchase – Buy

Ameliorate – Improve

Lifestyle – Life

Marketplace – Market

3. If you can cut a word out, always do so.

“Miss out on” should be “miss”

“Male personnel” is “men”

“For free” is “free”

“Crisis situation” is “crisis”

“Meal solution” is “meal” or “recipe”

“Research process” is usually “research”

“Station stop” is “station” or “stop”

4. Never use the passive where you can use the active.

Active is always shorter. A biblical example is “Abel was slain by Cain” – better as “Cain slew Abel”.

5. Never use a foreign phrase, a scientific word, or a jargon word if you can think of an everyday English equivalent.

“Interface” works better as “talk with”

“Core competencies” means “what we do best”

“Easy to use” beats “user-friendly”

“Mission statement” is “our aim”

“This is a non-smoking environment” is “No smoking”

6. Break any of these rules sooner than say anything outright barbarous.

I have two suggestions besides making sure you write as simply as possible.

Before you start, write a simple, logical structure for what you want to say. Then draft – and revise until you’re 100% sure anyone can understand it.

A friend once gave me a recipe for this which delighted me. “Show it to an idiot,” he instructed, “Get them to read it, and ask if they understand”.

I don’t show my writing to an idiot. I show it to someone with common sense, but not as interested in the subject as I am. This is often my PA, but could be anyone who happens to be around.

I always say, “Can you read this, please? What do you think? Is it clear?”

Just remember – as Dr. Johnson remarked over 200 years ago – “That which is written to please the writer rarely pleases the reader.” You’re not writing for yourself but for others. Make it easy for them!

And if you want to make it easy for yourself get an excellent and mercifully short book written by two of my former colleagues called “Writing that Works – How to Improve Your Memos, Letters, Reports, Speeches, Resumes, Plans, and Other Business Papers By Kenneth Roman and Joel Raphaelson”

my daddy wears cowboy boots (most days)
we were homeschooled (mostly)
but there were a few years
when our parents sent us to montessori school
(as they sorted out what they were going to do)

there is a picture of me and my baby sister
on our first day of “real” school
she (my sister) is in the sweetest
pastel flower patterned dress with a crisp white collar
and I’m in skin tight levis blue jeans
with cowboy boots mid calf
my hair pulled and slicked back super tight
and my t-shirt tucked in at the waist
(dressed just like my daddy did)

I have worked from home
for the last eight years
and almost never wear shoes
(flip-flops maybe)
but I really don’t like the feeling
of things on my feet
(this by the way has saved me a lot of money
because from what I hear, fancy shoes
cost so many moneys,
and I need more expensive obsessions
like I need a hole in the head)

I live in boulder, colorado
and one day after getting my hair done
and grabbing an extra hot whole milk latte
I had a few minutes before my ride came
and so I went a-wandering…

window shopping used to be
one of my favorite things
(now I hate it, can hardly stand it
and just want to go in and get what I need)

but something (someone) caught my eye
a woman dressed just like I was
my very first day of school (nearly 28 years ago)

she was in her store window rearranging things
and so I took my wandering in…

the place smelled of leather
and rememberings of my parents’ new car
(the black volvo they got when I was just a little thing)
as I meandered to the back,
stopped in my tracks by a giant stand of cowboy boots

oh! I thought, as memories began flickering
I want! I want these I think I do

and so I began touching all of them
(as I’m prone to do, if something interests me
I tend to wanna feel it, sense it, know it)
when the woman said
“what’s your size, dear
I think I have just the pair for you”

I slipped on the cowboy boots she brought me
and it was like being barefoot inside a shoe

I bought red ones and black ones
and brown ones with pink flowers
I almost got the turquoise ones
but it seemed too extreme
for my first shoe purchase in years

I now own six pairs and they are all so distinct
(they seem to have their own personalities)
but they all make me feel
strong and grounded
just like my daddy always did
(as he still does)

as I’ve grown older
I’ve heard from more and more people
how rare it was to have a daddy
as I did, (as I do)
always there,
steadfast and caring,
interested and available
loving really

I’ve been having to make
some big adult decisions lately,
things about property, business, insurance
(you know the not so fun adulty things)
and I still call my dad,
I do

thank you daddy
for my love of cowboy boots
but thank you mostly for being here
(with me always)

he has left me
some giant shoes
to fill
and every day
it’s what I aim
to do…

I aim
to fill his shoes

Emily Joy Rosen

Facebook has been a public company for over 6 years now.  IPO anniversary May 18, 2012

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