Two Likes UP for the Social Network Movie

Two Likes UP for the Social Network Movie




Since Facebook started on campus, here’s what Her Campus has to say about the movie “The Social Network” giving it Two Likes UP!


What has more than 500 million active users who spend over 700 billion minutes per month online and is worth 11 billion dollars? The website that has taken over, Facebook.  Not only is this website the biggest distraction from everything else you could be doing, but the creation of it has now become the number one movie on the charts.

By Wednesday, after being released for merely 6 days, the movie reached 28.7 million dollars according the box offices.  Why such success for a movie about some Harvard freshman creating a website? Why isn’t there a hit movie out about the creation of the yahoo website? The answer to those questions is the same answer to why Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook in the first place, because it’s cool.

As you’re reading this article I can bet you that facebook is opened in another tab, I’m almost positive because it’s opened on mine! The idea for facebook began as a way to stay connected with other college kids by talking to each other and getting information such as relationship status. The website has definitely expanded to major corporations having their own page to your grandparents telling you to add them. This film shows how this phenomenon began.

The scenes go back and fourth between the past that shows the journey Zuckerberg took coming up and creating the idea to present scenes of lawsuit hearings against him and his idea. Actor Jesse Eisenberg, casted as the lead role of Mark Zuckerberg, captured the essence of a perfect combination of genius and jerk.

Throughout the entire movie there is no doubt that he has a brilliant mind, but his communication with others seems extremely blunt as well as rude. The tag line of the film is the perfect description of the 120 minutes you will watch,You don’t get to 500 million friends without making a few enemies”. You also don’t become the world’s youngest billionaire without playing nice either.

Now, I don’t want to give the entire movie away, but besides showing the creation of Facebook, the movie touches on an important entrepreneurial debate.

How far do you go and how many people do you hurt to gain success? As I mentioned earlier, part of the movie is played out in meetings to settle two lawsuits. One, Zuckerberg’s ex-best friend Eduardo is suing him because he was originally the co-founder of the website, but then things changed drastically for Eduardo due to certain events, you’ll just have to watch.

The second lawsuit is three Harvard men who came to Zuckerberg with a similar idea for a website and wanted his help, but he didn’t believe in their specific website and moved on to create his own. These three men are suing him because they believe he stole their idea. The first lawsuit is the one where the debate comes in. Eduardo was Zuckerberg’s only true friend before all of the money and fame.

He helped him from every aspect that a friend should, regardless of Zuckerberg’s egotistical and sarcastic attitude. In the end, the nice guy did finish last and the, pardon my French, asshole finished with a multi-billion dollar company.

Does this film portray the devious truth behind becoming successful? The answer is yes and no. Obviously a film is made to interest viewers and to create profit and that’s exactly what the produces of “The Social Network” did. But, the accuracy behind the main character isn’t as precise of a representation of the real Mark Zuckerberg.

The creator of Facebook is portrayed as the bad guy of the film and Hollywood knows that people always gather together against a common enemy. In reality, he isn’t as terrible of a person that the movie makes him out to be. This week the real Mark Zuckerberg is actually making a difference with his wealth. He announced that he will be giving a donation of 100 million dollars to the Newark, New Jersey Public School System. No, he didn’t attend school there and yes, the money is coming from his own pocket.

The reason behind this generous gift is because it’s one of the country’s most struggling school systems. This will be the largest philanthropy of someone his age, only 26 years old. The film character might be exaggerating the jerk personality and even though in earlier reports he said he wasn’t going to see it, even Zuckerberg himself couldn’t resist seeing the most talked about movie.

“The Social Network” is a high-quality directed film that keeps you entertained the entire time you’re in the theatre. Everyone in this generation can easily relate to film not only because almost everyone has a facebook, but because of the story behind creating your own success. Right now, 19 of my friends on facebook actually have a status about going to see the film, and you should too!

So, what’s next for facebook? Zuckerberg’s character spoke the words on the website’s future, “Facebook is like fashion. Fashion is never finished.”


Source: Two Likes Up For “The Social Network” Movie Review |Her Campus

Sunday, October 10, 2010  By Dana Borzea on Her Campus

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