What’s Your Overall Business Strategy?

Do you know where you are going?

Have you laid out a plan to get there? Do you have a plan for today, this week, month, year, and 5 years from now?

Your strategic plan defines the direction you are going in. How can you error correct your trajectory if you have no point for your destination?

Now imagine your business does have a destination and it will take you where you want to go.

What are the two things you need?

Strategy and tactics.

Strategy can be compared to your trip plan for getting to your destination the best, fastest, most enjoyable way without veering off the road or running out of gas while you are travelling.

Tactics are the tools and methods you use to help you follow the plan. Tactics are things like your car of choice. Or your method of staying hydrated while on the road.

What do you need FIRST?

Chinese military strategist Sun Tzu wrote in his famous book, The Art of War: “Strategy without tactics is the slowest route to victory. Tactics without strategy is the noise before defeat.”

Do you have a strategy?

Truth is, even in your tactics you use a strategy. But your overall strategy for your business is the underlying point of reference for your tactical actions.

The problem with so many “business solutions” is that they are tactical, not strategic.

For instance, I teach on how to develop and run a high-converting webinar. This is often a tactic as part of a bigger overall content delivery strategy. Then there is creating Facebook ads – a tactic. Or how to set up your virtual team effectively – a tactic. Get the idea?

Before investing in tactics and get your strategy straight! You NEED a good strategy.

You need a strategy that’s specifically tailored to your personality. One that lets you leverage your strengths and effectively compensate for what challenges you.

Work with a specialist who can help you:

  • Find out exactly where your strategy is OFF. Maybe it is your message, or your target market, or the strategies you are currently using (or not using).
  • What are the THREE highest payoff activities that when put into action will get you on the path to TRIPLE your productivity, profitability and free time.
  • The, what is the next highest payoff action item you must take to rapidly accelerate your results in finally having the business you desire.

Only after your strategy is defined, employ your tactics.

Does it make sense for you to buy a Facebook Ads course? In fact, it could even drain your resources enough to take you out of business. It doesn’t matter if it’s the best program of its kind in the world, it’s not going to get you ROI. Why do something that is not your area of expertise when you can hire someone to do it for you?  Sam Bell is your man for Facebook ads.

An effective webinar can be a HUGE asset, when you invest in it at the right time in your business. Where does your webinar or webinar series fit into your overall strategy? It is usually part of your content strategy. Incorporate webinar development into your content strategy to promote lead generation and drive revenue.

Webinar development requires a timeline and a plan.

In addition to the live date for the presentation, decide on the length of your webinar, and organize the script and slide deck to match your time frame. Of course, WHO you target audience is determines your topic content.

Are you going solo or will there be other presenters? Verbal clarity and succinctness are key to conveying your content in a compelling way.

The title and copy on your registration page must clearly communicate the value of your webinar and include all essential information. Remember to consider varying time zones when sharing your webinar’s air time and date.

Your webinar title and topic content can be cursory or calculated but must be tied together. Informal scripts are great for conversational presentations and these are often done in a meeting format rather than a webinar. Now, for deep dives into complex topics you may need a detailed rehearsed script to cover all the components.

Connect with influencers to increase your audience reach. Match the influencers who share your brand’s values before partnering.

Use platform like GoToWebinar to present and record your webinar. Focus on effectively communicating your topics to your audience in a way that is engaging and provides value. And follow up after the webinar.

Promote your webinar via email and social media prior to the air date. It’s critical that you clearly communicate the value of your webinar through concise, persuasive copy. Your prospects are busy people and it’s unlikely that a single promotional email won’t suffice to bring in your desired number of registrants. What is the hardest part of delivering a successful webinar? If you ask most marketers, the answer is clear: driving registration.

Do you want a full customized automated webinar system that drives registration?

Sam Bell applies his proprietary contextual content ad strategy framework and is willing to build you a $20,000.00 webinar system at Zero cost.

Excuse the handwriting but this High-Ticket webinar framework and content / Ad structure will become the standard for buying cold traffic and converting it High- Ticket sales of 5k, 10k or more. There’s a prettier version here on Sam’s website.

With Ad cost increasing and Facebook targeting being redacted you must evolve your process and strategy.  Sam has recorded a short video that explains everything in great detail, and what minimal criteria you’ll have to meet in order to get this for FREE!

Check out the VIDEO Here!

If you’re serious about increasing revenues, reducing cost, and increasing your lead flow for high ticket sales then I highly recommend you take the time and watch Sam’s training!

Make sure you’re focused and attentive as the training is 55 minutes long and worth every second!

And I guarantee you’ll discover something you never knew that would help you improve your marketing and grow your business by the time you’re finished and you’ll be calling Sam Bell to work with him.

P.S. If you enjoy the training be sure to leave Sam some feedback on his Facebook post here and share it with your friends who can also benefit!

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