How To Transform Your Webinar From Blah To Irresistible!

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Your webinar content is amazing but that does not matter if your title is blah. An irresistible title means it grabs attention and drives action to register.

To get the sign-up, your webinar title is almost more important than your content. Attendees will look at your webinar title and decide whether they want to invest their time participating in a webinar or not. Possibly the hardest part is coming up with a compelling title that gets people excited to register for your webinar training.

A split test done by MarketingSherpa shows a clearer webinar headline resulted in a 45 percent better click through rate! Go for clarity over cleverness or even curiosity.

As a webinar presenter, there’s nothing more frustrating than crafting a well-researched, thought-provoking presentation only to find it goes unappreciated, un-attended, and non-converting because the right audience did not show up.

Before we deep dive into writing webinar titles that lure and engage visitors, let’s not confuse click-worthy headlines with headlines are overly sensationalized and only meant to get clicks – not engagement or trust and most important, the registration.

This post is about how to write webinar titles that are creative, appealing, and attention-grabbing while not promising anything that your webinar content can’t deliver. You want to keep your attendees happy and satisfied – from the title to the content and down to the last point.

Here are 6 things to remember when writing a click-worthy webinar title that your attendees will find irresistible and sign-up.

1. Do you have one core idea that you stick with?

A great webinar title must contain one (or two) fundamental pieces of information your presentation seeks to answer. Your headline may answer the some of the 5Ws and H – what, where, when, why, who, and how.

Is it relevant to what is happening right NOW with your prospect?

Choose your theme: Curiosity, Fear, Benefits or Strategic.

Curiosity titles can be a question, challenge assumption or myth-buster.

Fear titles bring up dread and pain your audience wants to avoid.

Benefit titles indicate a promise, spotlight aspirations and desires, and have an answer to the next step, the “so that”, so that you can get the results you want.

Strategic titles attract the like-minded with words and phrases your prospects use and a way to overcome the objection to get the results your audience wants.

2. Is it short and simple?

Another way of writing a headline is to ask yourself, “How would I explain this webinar to a friend in just six words?”

Your webinar title is the trigger that will do all of the talking for you. And, is it is 90% of the effort for getting webinar registrations.

Limit the number of words in the title. Try five, or seven, or eight words. It doesn’t matter. Strict boundaries and limits often allow us to get more creative and force us to think outside the box. Shorter titles facilitate sharing on social media.

A webinar title should be snappy and to the point. Some event title fields are only 70 characters long. Short titles work well with modern attention spans and improve the rank when search engines index webinar pages.

3. Do you help attendees solve their problem?

Address and overcome your audience’s most common objections as to why they can’t get the results that they want.

A seductive webinar title has 3 specific sections:

  • It makes a clear promise
  • It calls out to a specific audience by what they will learn
  • It defines how you will solve their problem


Google has allowed us to find fast answers to urgent questions. The search begins when a person experiences a need for a solution, answer, or piece of information. When your webinar title is in the search results (particularly if it is an on-demand or evergreen webinar) you’ll get the click.

Craft your title as straightforward as possible without unnecessary details.

Use the, “What’s in it for me?” approach to see if a title shows how it’s relevant (to your audience) so they’ll be more inclined to click it and register for the presentation.

4. Got Attitude?

Your attendees will ignore your registration if your webinar title sounds and looks like something they’ve seen before. Be different and make your title stand out from the rest of the pile by adding some attitude and personality and even humor.

Your webinar title doesn’t have to come off as arrogant, patronizing, or preachy. Again arouse attendees’ curiosity while still offering the solution to the question “what’s in it for me?”

5. Arouse curiosity without sensationalizing it

It’s easy to create controversial and sensationalized headlines – if you’re running a tabloid!
We can still learn a thing or two from tabloid headlines. They often overpromise and under-deliver. Do not do this. If your webinar content doesn’t support and give justice to the sensationalized headlines, attendees feel like they’ve been tricked into watching the whole presentation that is empty.

You must respect your audience’s time by writing headlines that promise what your content fulfills. Use action verbs such as grow, discover, revealed.

About question headlines: “The only questions you should ask are those that prompt your prospect to give the answer you want.” via Copyblogger

You want to leave attendees happy and satisfied because of the tremendous value you deliver and they I feel like the time participating in the presentation was worthwhile and matched the promise of the webinar title.

6. Tantalizing Webinar Titles:
4 Fill-in-blanks Templates

73% of B2B marketers and sales leaders say webinars are the best way to generate high-quality leads. Now, get the registration with an irresistible title!

These templates may seem repetitive or simple but they do work in titles and headlines.

A. # Ways to Results

Example: 7 Ways to Take Your Idea and Turn it into a Profitable Webinar

B. Tool/Resource to Results

Example: 5 Tools to Double Your Webinar Attendance

C. Add Time Element

Example: 10 Ways to lose 10lbs in 3 weeks

D. Add Without

Example: 10 Ways to lose 10lbs without stepping in the gym

7. What the Experts Say (Bonus)

5 Criteria For The Perfect Title For Your Webinar from ClickMeeting

Research – Check your webinars, emails, keywords to help choose topics
Specific – Get to the point to reach the perfect audience.
Spice – Use evocative words that evoke strong emotions
Short – 6-12 words
Optimize – Keywords for search engines

6 Proven Titles to That Boost Webinar Registrations from GoToWebinar

Fact: the average webinar attendee session time is 61 minutes. No other content drives that kind of engagement.

1) # Lists, 2) How to, 3) 101, 4) Classes/Trainings/Workshops, 5) New, and 6) Trends


  • 5 Little Known Habits of the Most Successful Online Entrepreneurs
  • Top 7 Ways to Increase Brand Awareness on Pinterest
  • 10 Ways to Use YouTube Videos to Increase Conversions
  • How to Promote Your Etsy Business Like a Marketing Pro
  • How to Structure Your Work Day Like Steve Jobs
  • How to Build Your Own Website Like a Professional Coder
  • Product Photography 101: Staging and Lighting Tips for Beginners
  • Instagram Ads 101: From Creating Great Ads to Boosting Click-Through Rate
  • Web Design 101: How to Create Clean, High-Converting Websites
  • New Techniques to Boost Your Page Rank
  • New Facebook Strategies to Attract More Likes and Followers
  • New Tech All Marketers Should Know About
  • Video Ad Trends Changing the Way We Connect with Brands
  • Smartphone Trends: Are They Worth the Upgrade?
  • Natural Living Trends That Will Have You Seeing Green

The top 6 title formulas for webinars from BrightTalk

Question – Example: What Is Digital Personalisation and Why Should I Care?
Action – Example: Crank Up Your Content Marketing
Solution – Example: 15 Ways to Animate Your Content with GIFs
Keywords – Example: The Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Content
Clues – Example: How Do You Solve the Problems of a Sleepless CMO?
Timley – Example: 10 Classic Facebook Rules that Will Protect Your Account from the New Algorithm

Your Turn

Have you recently seen a webinar title so irresistible you can’t help yourself but click it? We’d love to hear from you!

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