Get a coach… Check! [New Year’s Resolution]

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2016 is 1/12th of the way gone. January is over. How are you doing on those New Year’s resolutions?

I was recently with a group of beginner and intermediate marketer’s and we were talking about business resolutions for 2016. 

Most of their goals/resolutions were things like:

· "earn $10,000 a month in passive income"

· "get my product finished"

· "do a webinar a week for 2016"

Mike Filsaime noted that all (but one) of the marketers had a handful of resolutions/goals for the year… without a specific plan to get them there.

And sadly, most of them had already slipped up progressing towards those goals.

One person in the group impressed me, though.  Her resolution was a simple one…


She reasoned that with a coach for the year, any other goal she set was more likely to come to fruition.  In fact, it’s the coach’s job to hold her to it.

She is totally right.

Most successful people have had countless coaches, mentors and accountability partners throughout their careers– and Mike said that he owes a large part of his success to those people who kept him on track, pointed in the right direction, and pushed him when I needed it towards success.

If you don’t have a coach yet, and are looking for one (if you don’t have one, you SHOULD be looking for one), Mike highly recommends Jeff Johnson’s coaching program.  I personally recommend Taki Moore as he focuses on growing your business with his 9 strategies. Many have made more than one million a year after implementing his programs.


Taki Moore gives you the opportunity to experience a full weekend of training for a nominal fee before joining his coaching program. He is running those live events in Sydney, Australia and Los Angeles (Santa Monica, CA).

On the other hand if you want the "mafia offer" from Jeff- an offer that’s so good you just can’t refuse it – it’s available only through tomorrow (Friday) at midnight from Jeff. Only $399 is all it takes to get started with Jeff.

You have until tomorrow at midnight to join Jeff’s Coaching Club. Just $399 today gets you instant access to all of the Club’s benefits… PLUS you will get all the bonuses.

So here’s our advice…

Take advantage of this Jeff’s Special Introductory Offer if that feels right to you.

Or take advantage of Taki Moore’s Million Dollar Coach Intensive and spend a weekend with Taki…he’s the most approachable and fun presenter and coach. A weekend in Sydney or Santa Monica will make a major difference in your life… and your business. You owe it to yourself.

Let me know what you decide. I’ll be in Santa Monica and I hope to see you there!  The Coach Revolution is gearing up so get your coach now!


Sherrie Rose

P.S .Did you skip to the end without reading? Here’s it in a nutshell. You need a coach. You should check it out.

Experts Predict 9 Ways Internet Marketing Will Change in 2016

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Webinars Will Get Superpowers is part of the Inc. article, Experts Predict 9 Ways Internet Marketing Will Change in 2016, by Joel Comm.

If we look at all the predictions and tie them together, you will see a pattern.

Webinars are about providing valuable content. The lead into a webinar with the ads, landing pages, emails to subscribers, are all content driven. Webinars are a platform to create innovative ways to reach and engage audiences.

Authority is one of the great benefits of hosting a webinar. As an expert authority on your subject matter, you are the prize your audience want to emulate and associate. Taki Moore ran three webinars with the express purpose of writing this book, Million Dollar Coach. The transcripts and the flow were scripted specifically to create the book and it was an interactive experience for the participants.

Webinars are best live but there is plenty of steps that can totally automate the webinar funnel and sales process. We know that the strongest businesses are built on authentic relationships and real engagement; that’s Relationship Riches! Both live interaction and systems that help you engage with your customers faster and more personably."

Webinars are great systems. The sequence of pages and sales funnel process are part of the smarter systems will smooth processes and build relationships. "It is not just to systematize your business, but to create systems to help you engage with your customers faster and more personably." Adding webinars into the mix creates engagement. The replay and encore webinars are part of the follow up and provides more opportunity for engagement. "Following up with prospects on a consistent basis will be more and more important," said Doug Brown, "as they will get to know you better and are more likely to buy from you over time."

"It will be necessary for companies and organizations," said Kathleen Gage, "to be even more streamlined than ever in how they segment their markets and the messaging to their markets.” If the headline and topic of the webinar is clear, the right audience will show up. Kathleen says, “Transparency marketing will be huge. People who allow themselves to be vulnerable in what they share will create a more loyal following among those who are interested in their information and expertise, with an equally fast drop off of those who have no interest in what they stand for." You can bare it all on a webinar.

Live content will become a more important way to build those targeted audiences. Reed Floren sees great results from live streaming: "More companies will take advantage of live streaming (Blab, Periscope, webinars, Hangouts, etc.) in order to stand out from the crowd and to build a very loyal following.” It is not the platform, it is the experience, and webinars provide a live, valuable content sharing experience.

With the launch of LinkedIn Sales Navigator," said Jimena Cortes, "LinkedIn is encouraging you to use its platform to find, track, and contact prospects. LinkedIn has also expanded its capabilities for lead generation through Pulse, its publishing platform, and now SlideShare." You’ll find webinar invitation every day on LinkedIn. Many webinar hosts share their PowerPoint or Keynote decks on SlideShare as a way to provide more value.

Warren Whitlock noted, "Video viewing on mobile devices has been growing exponentially and will continue in 2016. Streaming video, video chat, and video product descriptions will continue to set apart those using them during 2016 and will become commonplace soon after." Webinars are mobile and on-the-go as participants use tablets and mobile phones to experience the webinar.

Steve Fultz says, "Authentic engagement through transparent connections will be key for small businesses in 2016," Fultz said. "Video use of behind-the-scenes and personalities will enhance trust with prospects and customers." Webinars are in front of and behind the scenes in real time for participants.

Webinars Will Get Superpowers

Webinars used to be so easy. Sherrie Rose (@sherrierose) of sees them becoming much richer and much more complex. They’re going to become interactive marketing machines in 2016.

"Long gone are the days of text-laden PowerPoint decks," said Rose. "Combining powerful images, video, Snapchat, Google Hangouts, and other forms of engagement make webinars into one of the most valuable tools in the marketer’s tool chest. The hybrid webinar that has prerecorded content with live moderators and live Q&A extends the value of a well-received webinar that has proven ratings and high sales conversion."


Original article Published on Dec 22, 2015

12 Reasons To Get WebinarJam Studio™ EVER WEBINAR Today

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WebinarJam Studio™ EVER WEBINAR Grand Opening sale is the hottest year end promotion in webinars!

Here are 12 reasons why you should join today

1. Studio Control Center™ – everything you need to Create and Control every aspect of your webinar in one highly customizable interface

2. Attendee Spotlight TM – now you can invite ANY of your Webinar Attendees to instantly become a guest, host, or presenter in your webinar at anytime.

3. Hybrid Webinars TM – Preload up to 5 videos and go switch back to LIVE when each video is done. It’s like your Personal On Demand TV Studio

4. Active Offers™ – we took a page from QVC and added 2 tools to increase both Urgency and Scarcity that’s guaranteed to increase your closing percentage.

5. Feedback Flow™ – display key questions, comments, testimonials & new buyers with a simple click of a button

6. Replica Replays™ – during your replays recreate the same excitement a live attendee gets by incorporated the live Chat Community exactly as it took place during the Live Webinar

7. Jams on Demand™ Marketplace – with a simple check of a box when your Webinar Configuration is completed, your upcoming Webinar is added to the Jams On-Demand market

8. Replays on Demand™ – your Webinar REPLAYS can ALSO be a part of the Jam On-Demand Marketplace. Now, you’ve got a continuous way to capture new registrants, and an always-on replay offer to generate new sales and profit.


And if those aren’t enough reasons to get WebinarJam Studio™ today here’s 4 more amazing reasons:

GRAND OPENING BONUS #1 – Kartra™ Reinventing The Shopping Cart
Coming this Summer. You get it Free for 3 full months. Kartra is a full featured eCommerce Platform. Frankly, it’s everything we wanted and needed for our 8 figure business, all in one

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GRAND OPENING BONUS #2 -WebinarJam Yearly Savings
The price of WebinarJam Studio™ will be going up after the Grand Opening. Act today and get WebinarJam Studio with all these bonuses and the lowest annual price. Lock in your price and never pay more.

GRAND OPENING BONUS #3 – EverWebinar 6 Months Free
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GRAND OPENING BONUS #4 -  WebinarGenesis Instant Access $497
Webinar Genesis contains the sum total of the best Webinar Performance Strategies based on literally 100’s of successful Webinars.

BUT remember, the Grand Opening closes in a little over 72hrs and these benefits will be going away for good.

Do yourself a favor and go watch this video now and take advantage of this powerful opportunity for your business today.


Sherrie Rose gives a LIKES UP to WebinarJam Studio™ and

5 Simple Ways To Be OUTSTANDING In a Crowded Marketplace

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It could start with a gripping headlines or fancy images but once you’ve got them hooked, then what?

If you’ve wondered if it is something much deeper, much more powerful, and so impactful that it could very well change the way you do business forever… read on!

There are a many, many people who do what you do particularly if you are a business coach or life coach but there’s only one YOU and you are unique.

Ask Yourself:

Are you CONNECTING you’re your audience on a personal and emotional level?

Are you giving yourself permission to be you?

Are you giving yourself permission to express yourself and your personality?

Or are you somehow putting restrictions on yourself, forcing yourself to perform based on what you think people will want or like?

Are you bridling your passions?

Are you ‘being nice’ and keeping your opinions to yourself?


If you want to stand out in a crowded marketplace, you’ve got to start letting your true self shine.

The truth is, you’ve been commoditized. Prospective clients think we’re all offering the same stuff.

If you don’t bring YOU out, your uniqueness…

And, if you focus on ONLY the “benefits” and “features” of what you do and how you help people then you are just blending in… not standing out.


In today’s day and age, YOU and your personality are not ‘added value’… you are the value itself. Your business is literally in a battle for attention every single day. If you can’t stand out, you lose. It all starts with giving yourself permission to BE yourself.

Mike & Robin Pisciotta share the 5 simple ways you can start standing out NOW:

#1 – Give yourself permission to be pissed off

Look around at your industry… are there things that just aren’t right? Are there things that burn your butt? Is there injustice? Is there slimy-ness? Are there lies and bad teaching that people are pushing, all while claiming they are experts? Whatever it is that pisses you off, let it out.

You can’t play it safe. Sure, playing it safe ensures nobody will get offended and nobody will dislike you… but IT ALSO ENSURES that people won’t see any conviction in you… and ensures that nobody will notice you or remember you.

#2 – Give yourself permission to be obsessed with something

Do you have a crazy hobby that you’re literally addicted to? Maybe a certain guilty pleasure of chocolate? Don’t hide it and try to pretend you’ve got it all together, haha. Talk about it, own it, admit it… find ways to blend your passions and obsessions into your biz in some way. People will be drawn to your unique ways, even if it’s in a weird way, haha, like rubbernecking at a train wreck, they can’t stop watching you or talking about you.

People like to know what you’re into. For example, I’ve written a blog about Mike’s airplane hobby with a personal development message that people have connected to and now relate to us closer. We named our signature training series Marketing Game-Changer and the whole thing has a football theme because we love football.

I post on Facebook all the time about my obsession with getting the ducks in the lake behind my house to be friendly and sit on my lap, haha. You may think, “What the heck does that have to do with business or marketing?” and my answer is… EVERYTHING.

It’s all about relating to people. Not about your business. If folks have thing to relate to you about versus the other million people who do exactly the same thing as you… who do you think they will turn to?

#3 – Give yourself permission to use whatever words and language you want

Oh this one is a fun one! It will ruffle a lot of feathers I’m sure. While Mike & I don’t cuss in our marketing… I would be so bold to say that If you are a cusser, cuss. If you say things like fab, poop, balls and wackjob… then say them. For goodness sake, don’t censor yourself trying to appease everyone, and hoping not to offend someone. The real truth is that no matter how careful you are someone will still get offended anyways, haha.

So don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that you need to say cuss words, or shock people, or say negative sounding words. The point here is to be true to yourself. The point is that safe, bland and appeasing everyone is BORING and doesn’t pop. Nobody is really boring. So when you see boring messages out there, it’s pretty safe to assume they are hiding themselves in an attempt to play it safe. Be willing to draw a line in the sand and stimulate a “love it or hate it” response.

When you let yourself out in this way, a magical thing happens. You attract people just like you. You attract people you LOVE to hang with… people you don’t have to pretend around… the kind of people that working with them feels like play. Take control and start attracting the kind of people you WANT to work with, rather than trying to ‘be acceptable’ to everyone, and attracting no one.

#4 – Give yourself permission to express emotions… cry, laugh, whine, rant

Be real. If something breaks your heart, talk about it, say it. If something is hilarious, or you make yourself laugh, share it with us, we want to laugh too. And the rants… I’ve seen this one a lot that you shouldn’t rant on social media. While I don’t think you should do it all the time and be consumed with negativity… but you’ve still gotta be real… and the real deal is that WE ALL need to vent every once in a while.

Be careful though… I think that your ‘rants’ should be in line with highlighting your core values and your expertise… I wouldn’t just rant about anything… like how mad you are that your kid won’t eat his dinner… or that your husband didn’t put something back where it goes… that kind of thing just makes you look like an emotional wreck and can negatively impact your brand.

So yes, rant if you feel one coming on, but there should be some ‘boundaries’ with your rants, and some good old fashioned common sense.

And when you do these things, when you’re transparent as a human, with real feelings, good ones and bad ones, people relate to you. Sure, every time you’re vulnerable like this you will turn folks away, but the flip side is that the folks who can relate just got ON FIRE for you.

Who wants a lukewarm tribe anyways? I want people who are loving the crap out of us, so if that means every once in while we have to separate the wheat from the chaff, then so be it

#5 – Give yourself permission to have an opinion and set a standard

Are you opinionated about the ‘right’ way to do things? Do you buck the trends in your industry? Is there something that everyone is doing that you’re fully convinced is wrong or stupid? Do you see so much following of the crowd, and you just know it’s like the blind leading the blind? Don’t be afraid to call it out. Speak up and set a standard of whatever you believe with such conviction that you can preach it, teach it, and advise it with full confidence!

The businesses doing this are the ones who rise to the top, stand out and become the standard that everyone else tries to measure themselves by. These companies don’t chase or mirror trends, but they think, act, and behave unlike any other, and that’s oh so hot and attractive.

So there you have it. Those are 5 totally simple ways to start standing out RIGHT AWAY.

Check out the possibilities of being MORE GENUINE and PERSONAL with your marketing with FABULOCITY training with Robin and Mike Pisciotta at Marketing Your Purpose™

#LikesUP for Being Outstanding

Why Snapchat does not need an outcome

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How does Snapchat fit into the social media culture? Snapchat rejected a bid from Facebook and now has grown to be possible competition for Facebook. More teens use Snapchat (or Instagram) than they do Facebook. Snapchat is a mobile messaging app for sharing a photo or a video, then add a caption or doodle or lense, and send it to a friend or add it to your story to share with the world/your followers. Friends can view individual snaps for up to 10 seconds, and then it disappears.

Warren Whitlock, veteran to social media and author of one of the first books on Twitter was puzzled by his lack of interactivity on his Snapchat.

Tamara McCleary wrote this as her reply to the public post as her "take" on all things social media… it is biased, and filtered through my own lens, and not at all true, just true for me. (My full disclosure) So… social media… pick your platform, they all have different personalities, different uses, and they are all fun in their own way. I LOVE social media… in all of its flavors. Twitter is much different in "feel" than Facebook and both are different than Instagram or Pinterest or LinkedIn… in the end here’s how I look at social media in general.

I play around with the various platforms and I enjoy one, great! If I don’t then that’s okay too. It’s not a one size fits all, and most importantly….MOST importantly just take a look at what it is that you are using it for. I use them all for different purposes, and I’m on some more than I am on others. (Please forgive me Father for I have sinned… it’s been months since my last Pin!) Sorry Pinterest.

I enjoy ALL of the various platforms for different reasons, and none of them are the same. One thing that brings me great joy is to simply explore, interact when there’s action, and enjoy the peace when there’s not. I’m not always on SnapChat, just like I’m not always on FB or Twitter or IG. I’m a human being after all and it’s unrealistic to think that someone living a whole life can constantly be engaging online lest they are not engaging in their real life too. I thoroughly enjoy my time away from social media as much as my time engaging on social media.

I am clear with myself about why I am spending time on which platform and why. SnapChat for me has never been a community builder, or high engagement tool. I admit it, SnapChat has been pure fun… pleasure, joking back-and-forth with folks who have "snapped" me directly. Sometimes I check other’s snaps and sometimes I’m not on for days unless I get a notification that someone has snapped me directly. (Usually a family member, one of our kids, or a close friend.) AND the Snaps I get are pure silliness. Now… whole other story when I move to say…. my LinkedIn. THAT is far more professional and my purpose, my motives there are business not silliness. Twitter is more of a cocktail party for me, my motives there again are different, and just like any social situation, the context has shifted. So LinkedIn might have been the office conference room, now Twitter is the networking cocktail party. Then move on to Facebook which feels more like the family gathering in the living room where one can let their hair down. My feelings, purpose, reason for being "on" are all different depending on the platform… the context.

In the end, it’s never about who is or is not engaging with me, it’s more about me being clear with me about what it is it that I am seeking. What am I looking for? What do I want from the platform? When I get honest with myself about my own expectations, attachments to outcomes, it’s a lot easier to see the truth of what "is." The truth "is" I have found => I am much happier looking to engage than I am looking for evidence that I’m being engaged.

Just as I have found the deepest seed nugget of all; I am most loving when I am looking to love versus looking for evidence that I am loved. SnapChat for me is the most delightful vehicle I know to play with my nieces, get sweet private little messages from them… even though I cannot be involved in their daily lives since we live in different states, they send me little funny video snippets and silly pics and we are staying close even though I am far away. You see, for me SnapChat isn’t about building my brand or engaging a community… it’s just another vehicle to connect and sometimes it’s just to be a good auntie.

Warren Whitlock replies: Wow. This was unexpected. Constant total amazement from you.  I love how you describe detaching from outcomes.

I too prefer to jump in, add what value and wisdom I can muster and hope to make someone smile.
Lately, I’ve seen my engagement with others skyrocket to be most of what I do. On Twitter, that means most of my tweets are answers to someone.. often unexpected, hopefully enjoyed. On Facebook, I answer comments on my posts (nearly as good as you) but spend more time answering others.

My pivot was reading OBLIQUITY. I started see how pushing to stay on course and measuring outcome kept me from the serendipity that brings most of what I want out of life.

I am reminded of a story about setting goals. A man wrote down what he wanted from life and then misplaced the list. Found it years later. Most of the goals were achieved.

I am not against goal systems, tracking and measuring. I track social media and marketing way more than most. Doing so, and deeply knowing those results, has allowed me to go with my intuitive click (as Tom Justin taught me) and know that I’ll get everything I need by just helping others get what they want.

Mike Allton responds: That is fantastic Tamara. You’ve brilliantly articulated why certain social networks work or fit into your life, and at the same time, offered a lesson for the rest of us.

This is exactly why I think the X is better than X arguments are a waste of time. You didn’t mention Google+, yet that happens to be one of the most important platforms on the planet to ME. Does that make you wrong or misguided? Of course not.

The fun is in the exploration. And the gift is in finding a platform that does *something* for us, whatever that something is.

So don’t feel bad Warren. I don’t get anything out of SnapChat either. But you and I are both wealthy in social media benefits elsewhere and don’t have to get something from everything.  On the other hand, maybe you’re just doing it all wrong. (wink)

Tamara McCleary replies to Mike, I love your comment buddy. Gosh you are so spot-on, I didn’t mention Google+ because it’s never been my thing. I felt like it was dying away so I pulled my energy away from it because Lawd knows it’s hard to juggle all of these multiple platforms! And I do all of my own social media, I don’t have any help. I personally answer everyone back and write al of my own posts. Sometimes it feels overwhelming to keep up… and then I don’t keep up. smile emoticon I think we’re all doing it all wrong and all right at the same time. We are trailblazing new territory in this fantastic, fabulous, world of technological advances by the second. It’s a VERY exciting time to be alive! Let’s all just get messy together!

Likes UP and thanks for sharing, Warren, Tamara, and Mike.


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